So how is Kuala Lumpur?

  • KL is definitely a shopping heaven. You can find a huge amount of different shopping malls and stores in here. Basically when you’re walking in downtown KL you are leaving one shopping mall and then seconds later entering another one. And the shopping never stops, it doesn’t matter what time or day of the week it is.
  • The city is really beautiful and clean. Most of the towering buildings are built in great architecture form and are just magnificent to look at!
  • Although we haven’t used the public transport ourselves it is quite highly praised in here. Monorail and Metro are definitely faster than driving a car since there seem to be traffic jams almost 24/7.
  • As said before Uber is really inexpensive here but the app sometimes glitches since between these high buildings GPS sometimes doesn’t work properly.
  • Unfortunately smoking is quite popular in here and quite often you can find people smoking inside also.
  • I don’t understand it but in a lot of stores there are signs like sales assistant or employees wanted with a little note that “Ladies only”, “Women only” or something similar. Looks weird…
  • Downtown KL is full of business and financial areas and buildings. And in many of these buildings on the first floor there are sales galleries of companies like Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and so on…
  • There are many well-kept parks in here. Big honors to them for that!
  • In other places we’ve been so far it hasn’t stand out but here walking on the streets you really notice how short most of the local people are and especially men. At least I get a great overview of everything :). In addition the average shoe size for women seems to be 35 (noticed it while Anna was shopping for shoes today 😀 )
  • During the new year’s celebration and generally on the evenings you don’t see many people drinking and it seems that most of the drinking is being done by tourists. By the way compared to Langkawi and actually to Estonia also beer here is rather expensive. One small can costs about 7-8 ringgit (~1,5€)
  • KL is really international city. You can see people from all different races and numerous countries everywhere.

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