The best ice-cream in the world! (So far)

I think that during our travels in SE Asia we’ve come to be a somewhat ice-cream specialists :). We enjoyed eating ice-cream also back home but in here we’ve had at least one or two of them almost every day! I know it sounds as quite much but so are the temperatures in here :). We’ve tried dozens and dozens of different ice-creams in every place we’ve stayed and we’ve had our favorites but I think now we’ve finally found the holy grail, so to speak :). It’s called Haku and it’s just a delicious masterpiece! Although it costs a bit more (about 12.000 rupiah or 0,71€) then an average ice-cream around here it’s 100% worth it! I wish we had something like this back home and I’ll definitely try to find a substitute when we get back (carrying a suitcase full of ice-creams from Indonesia to Estonia doesn’t seem to be a very good plan 🙂 ). Either way if you’re an ice-cream lover I highly recommend to try it!jäätis

After finishing this post I’ll go to the nearby store and buy a couple of these….

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