Why on earth do you need puzzles :)?

And by puzzles I mean these jigsaw puzzles where you have hundreds or even thousands of little pieces that you need to combine together into a big picture. But there’s a great substitute if you’re looking for something different – buy a new piece of furniture :). We bought a new bed for ourselves and as usual it arrived in lots of small cardboard boxes. Luckily there were proper instructions included and all the parts were there. But in total (if to count all nuts and bolts) there was 461! pieces and 48 unique ones. After several hours and one beer I managed to put it all together and the end result is quite nice but it’s funny how they manage to disassemble something to so many different parts :).

It always reminds me of a funny picture about IKEA Christmas Tree that usually goes around in Christmas time. Just for clarification we didn’t buy our bed from there but it’s probably the case in most of the companies :).


ikea funny

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