Cup 2019

…is what we call our competition series with friends. Basically it means that once a month we get together with friends and compete in different activities. For extra motivation we keep a scoreboard and at the end of the season in December the winner gets a special trophy cup. Hence the name :).

This is actually already the third season I’ve initiated this and already tomorrow there will be the second competition of the season (where going go-karting). In the first 2 seasons there were 6 of us but now our group has grown to 15! Of course not everyone can attend to each event but I believe 10+ people will participate each time.

I got this idea several years back when I saw a group in a pub celebrating the end of the season. i just went over there and asked what’s going on and since then this idea has just stuck with me. So I cannot take the honors of being the original author but I can definitely pass this idea on! And that’s exactly why I’m writing about this. I would strongly recommend to organize something similar in your group of friends. Nowadays we’re always so busy and quite often don’t “have time” to even get together once in while. This kind of series is a good way to enjoy quality time while also taking part in a friendly competition. I can tell you from experience that if in the beginning of the season there’s not much thought about the scoreboard then at the end everyone is keeping track point by point :)! Our group is guys only and each event is organized by a different person but you can do it in whatever format suitable :).

Here are just some examples of the different activities we have done through the years: disc-golf, archery, darts, laser battle, strongmen competition, mini golf, fencing, poker, shuffleboard, darts, orienteering, bowling, song battle, target shooting and much more. Besides just having fun you can also try out new things and you never know what you might like or in where you can find a hidden talent :).

So once again, I urge you to try it and feel free to share feedback about how it went :)!

Here’s the picture of the first year trophies (1-3rd place and a special prize for the best event by a democratic vote)


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