Facebook Gameroom

Playing computer games can be really fun. Although for the past several years it has been not very often when I find myself behind the computer playing games (and mostly they are nearly 20 year old games like NBA Live 2001 and Colin McRae Rally 2.0) once in a while it’s still a great entertainment and fun way to spend time. Of course you must remember yourself not to get too carried away otherwise you could just spend hours doing it. I must admit that as a teenager there were times when I forgot myself in the game world for too long – just one more hour.. and then one more hour :).

A while back I discovered Facebook Gameroom and especially the game War Robots. It just reminds me one of my favorite game back in the olden days – Mechwarrior 3. I must admit that the graphics and AI in games has evolved massively in the past few decades. I remember the times when you could get Doom 2 or Jazz Jackrabbit on a few floppy discs, now you would need tens of thousands of disks for just one game. But Facebook Gameroom is just the place for a person who is really not into gaming but would occasionally like to have some fun with simpler computer games. The choice is enormous and installing takes only minutes. Most of the games and perks are free but of course FB and game developers need to earn somehow so there are also many paid-for extras. Go and see for yourself!


FB gameroom

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