The Power of Music

Silence definitely has a place in my life and silence is needed. For example when going for a walk in the nature you just let your ears have a rest listening to… nothing. Just the sound of a light breeze or a few birds chirping and that’s it.

But at least for me I couldn’t imagine my life without music. Most of the activities I do are supported by some kind of music or sounds. A relaxing piano or lo-fi beats for the first morning hours. Ambient tracks for the times when I really have to concentrate on a specific task. Mostly some sort of chillstep for a general background music and when working out or cleaning in my case I’ll put on something with a good tempo and energy.

List above is definitely not final, I’d say the music that I’m listening varies quite much and also depends on the time of the year/day, overall mood and many other factors. But the fact is I find so much value in it.

Very often I also put on various white sounds – sea waves calmly hitting the shore, crackling fireplace, a flowing stream, tropical rain and thunder, the hum of a fan, howling wind and so on. As long as I can remember these sounds have helped me to concentrate and relax although I know that it doesn’t suit some people at all.

Overall I’d say that the genre that I listen the most can be classified as tropical house. For example something like this:

I discovered it for myself when we were travelling in SE Asia and I was looking for different songs for the videos and from that moment on I fell in love with it! It’s so positive, nicely paced and just brings a smile to my face.

In the past few years I’ve also start using Spotify besides YouTube. The way that they have put together different playlists really suits me (compared to YouTube where there are a lot of long mixes and 24/7 radios) and although the variety is limited it’s still a really good platform. Especially when you have a paid version and you don’t have to worry about the commercials. One cool thing that they offer is a yearly recap of the songs you have played most throughout the year (which I am actually listening while writing this 🙂 ) so it’s definitely worthwhile to check it out!

So put your headphones on or turn up the volume of the speakers and just enjoy the moment with your favorite music playing in the background! Enjoy the little things :)!

All the best!


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