I just ate a strawberry from my garden …

…which is not a bad thing. I like strawberries and I like my garden. It’s just the fact that currently it’s 16th of November! Besides that we have roses blooming, dandelions growing out of the greenery and our neighbour just mowed the lawn yesterday. Everything pretty normal for mid summer in Estonia but not mid November! At least it wasn’t like that a while ago.

In my childhood years I remember that we had 4 seasons – a proper Spring, nice summer, beautiful autumn and a decent winter. Now it’s like everything is melted together. Last year during winter we had a maximum of 1 week of snow combined for the whole period. And it’s not like I’m a winter fan, I still mostly prefer summer and a pleasant 25 degrees plus sunshine.

Nowadays there’s talk everywhere about the climate change (which is a real thing based on science facts) but in just recent years I’ve actually discovered myself seeing the results of it with my own eyes. 10-15 years ago same time I was most likely going sledding or building a snowman. Having these kind of winters was an exception, not a norm.

The dark side of it is that every time you turn on the news there’s something about a wildfire, flood, hurricane or something similar. Obviously there’s more info about them since they are just covered more but the numbers don’t lie. What happened recently in Australia for example was just horrible. All the devastation to the plant and animal life. Obviously nature will recover but when these things happen more often there’s a bigger outcome in play which is not good for us or the planet.

I don’t know how is the situation where you live but I’m sure there’s also some clear signs of the changing weather and climate.

This post is just to raise attention to the fact that we are now way beyond the point of denial and I’m really happy that there are a bunch of people who dedicate themselves to change the situation and more importantly it’s acknowledged by the masses.

From one point of view it wouldn’t be bad if we perhaps 20 years from now could drink a pina-colada and go swimming in the sea 🙂 during my birthday (which is in mid January) in Estonia but reasonably it’s not how it play’s out and we have to look at the bigger picture. Maybe I will find this post 20 years from now and hopefully can write a positive feedback for it :). Let’s see

Stay curious!


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