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Mindfulness and meditation


How often do we really notice what is happening in this current moment? Not thinking about things that have already happened and imagining about events that will come in the future (although we have no certainty that they will actually happen). I think the answer is not often enough, at least in my case. Our lives nowadays are so busy and fast paced that most of time we forget to notice what is most important of all – the present.

There are literally millions of posts, articles, videos, books and similar material on this topic. And I think for a good reason. Due to the modern way of life people are more and more eager to get back in touch with more simpler things and most of all with themselves. And it’s not actually that easy.

There are constantly so many things to do, so much information surrounding us. All of that makes “plugging out” quite difficult. We are already so used to checking our smartphones, watching TV and just browsing through the world wide web that it’s much easier for us to do these things then not to do. If you add to that the human mind’s tendency to wander then most of the time we are just cruising on auto pilot.

I discovered meditation and mindfulness for myself a couple of years ago. And I have practiced these (very chaotically to be honest) since then. Sometimes for several weeks I don’t do much of anything (and by that I mean I don’t contribute any time to the exercises) when other times I meditate daily and take several “breaks” during the day to just get in touch with the moment. Ironically I use an app (yeah, I know – the life of 21st century) called Mindfulness to set daily reminders and background sound for meditation. For me it’s really helping a lot and I’d definitely recommend it!

Of course meditation and mindfulness are so wide topics and they both have an unique meaning to every person. There are so many different ways how to approach and combine them with everyday life. We don’t have to become gurus but to get a better understanding about ourselves and what is surrounding us is never a bad thing.

I lately also read a really short well written book on this topic called “be present in this moment“. It’s a really good summary and a great starting point about mindfulness and you can always read it again and again. And if you’re interested there are numerous different books that go much deeper into the topic.

One good exercise is just to look around in where you are. And I mean really look (and sense) – to see the textures, colors, hear the noises, smell the surrounding aromas and so on. Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in your home, at work, waiting for a bus or just walking in the park. It’s really interesting how many things you notice like this.

So I wish you all that you’d have an awesome present moment! And also the moment after that… and after that 🙂


Jules Verne – The Mysterious Island

mysterious island

I believe that many of you who have interest in books have already read this piece of art. I myself I’m not a very big fan of these kind of books since mostly I invest my time into some sort of self-education works. But every once in a while it’s good to read some very intriguing story and this was most certainly one of them and definitely not any less of a investment! Over a period of 3 days I read through 600 pages of this great classic and quite often I found myself peeking to the next page or at least a few lines ahead to know what was going to happen. Although it was first published already in 1874 reading it now is definitely not less enchanting than over a 100 years ago. It’s maybe just because of that even more interesting to read since the language used is quite much different compared to these days. And it’s also quite remarkable how a book can affect your imagination since most of these 3 days I was constantly imagining everything that was going on  behind the words. So in conclusion I once again strongly advice you to take the time to go through the pages of this novel since it’s extremely capturing from start to finish and an exquisite refreshment to your senses!


Usain Bolt – Faster Than Lightning


Motivation is an interesting thing and definitely a huge subject on it’s own. I’ve always been fascinated about how for example 100m sprinters find their motivation for the next big event like Olympics. For instance, if you’re playing basketball you have 40 minutes each game (or 30+ minutes if you’re a good level player) and at least 3-4 games in the first round to prove your worth and make some corrections if needed. But in case of 100m you have 10 seconds and that’s it! One minor false move and you’re out! Of course there are also several rounds but the point remains the same. I can’t imagine how much pressure it puts on an athlete.

So I recently came across Usain Bolt’s autobiography and decided to read it. I have never been a fan of him but I’ve always had a high respect of what he has accomplished and given to the sport. And reading that book gave a much better view of what was going on in his mind and also the minds of other world class sprinters (he described various other athletes and their thinking in the book also). As a person I really didn’t relate to him but he had his own ways how to stay at the top of the game. Like in any professional sports or in a matter of fact every area of life, the winning combination is always some born talent and extremely hard work, latter of which definitely matters the most.

I think that once in a while its good to read an autobiography or biography of some professional sports character because there’s always much to learn from these stories and mindset that’s needed to accomplish high level success. There’s a lot of parallels you can draw  from sports with everyday life. Its not a very long book so I’d recommend it to anyone who has some interest in sports and wants to know what’s going on in the mind of one of the best athletes the world has ever seen.

Go Hard or Go Home!


Jack Canfield – The Success Principles


I like to read. And most of the times when I’m glued to my e-book reader I’m reading some kind of self-improvement book. I know that there are literally thousands of these kind of great books around there but I strongly believe that each one holds at least one or more good ideas, processes, guideances, thoughts that “click” to you. You don’t have to follow exactly what someone else does or writes but in my opinion it’s like putting together your own puzzle. You take one piece from here, another one from there and so you’re building the picture that suites YOU. And I like that process :). I also believe in constant learning and improvement – if you’re staying still then you’re actually moving backwards. Success and that happy satisfactory feeling in our lives is quite much defined with forward movement :).

I’m currently reading and soon finishing one quite thorough book on this topic called The Success Principles. I admit that I’ve been reading this quite a while since for starters it’s quite lengthy (nearly 600 pages) and secondly I’m often reading several books simultaneously. But if you find yourself with a bit of free time and the feeling to educate and improve yourself then I strongly recommend you to grab a copy! If you want to get better in touch with the content there are several summaries available online. Here’s a link to one of them.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

Why an E-book reader can be very useful


Until the end of last year I always read books the old fashioned way and I really liked it. But when we decided about our trip I thought that no way I can carry along a bunch of paperback books. So I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite. At first I planned to use it only while abroad but for testing purposes I downloaded and read one book. And actually it was extremely comfortable and I got used to it very quickly. Even if you read it daily battery lasts for about a month and you can download up to roughly 1000 books to the device itself and you have virtually unlimited storage in Amazon cloud (at least in case of Kindle, there are also a lot of other e-book readers available). You can purchase new books with one click and there are a lot of free books available. If you have a WiFi connection all the books you’ve purchased (no matter if you’re using a computer, phone or something similar) will be downloaded automatically to your device and it also has a built-in web browser. One big difference compared to std tablet is that the screen is not harmful to the eyes. It’s basically the same as reading a traditional book.

But enough praising :). The point is that it’s actually a very useful device, especially if you are going on a trip or if you like to read several books simultaneously. It’s not very expensive in long-term so if you enjoy reading books and would like to try something new definitely go and check it out!

Here’s one overview of different e-readers but as usual internet is full of information. With some research everyone can find their best match :).


A great book recommendation


There are thousands and thousands of books regarding self-improvement and I believe most of them have something good and useful stored inside. I have been reading these kind of books for about 5-6 years now when at one point I discovered that there is still so much I don’t understand about myself and that that finding and building yourself is an extremely interesting journey.  I know that I’m on the right path but there’s still a long way to go. In a matter of fact I believe that this journey never ends – every day is a new opportunity to learn something new, to be open to the world.

I would strongly recommend everyone to get this book and properly work it through. As always most likely everything wont be right after your taste but there definitely will be some chapters, topics and ideas that will “click” while you read.

I have made also a short summary of this book (you can find the link below). Sadly it’s in Estonian but there are also some short recaps of this book in English. You’ll definitely find something if you search around.

The best investment is always investment in yourself!