Roughly a month ago I wrote about a great TV show called Black Mirror. Now a while back we discovered another extremely intriguing series called Westworld. It differs from Black Mirror in a sense that all the episodes are a part of a continues timeline but it’s without a doubt not less fascinating. I just love when a movie, book or a TV series makes you think about a bigger picture. Makes you question deep, perhaps unanswerable questions bigger than the show or the book itself. Westworld is definitely one of these. So far there has been one series with the second one starting in April this year. After each episode you get more and more drawn into the future world it represents and the questions it proposes. You just can’t wait to watch the next part and in our case we watched the whole series within a matter of days. Besides the bigger picture that it represents there are several different plot lines going on leaving you wondering about how they will end and how do they all fit together. It’s really complex, yet in the end it all makes sense. Sort of :). I’m definitely not the only one who got my thinking activated by this show since YouTube and the whole internet is full of articles and videos explaining or guessing what was the whole idea of the show and how it will continue in series 2. Be warned not to read/watch them before you have seen all the episodes since most contain spoilers and you don’t want to mess up your experience. Although I believe they don’t make much sense if you haven’t seen the show yourself :). Either way if you’re interested in AI, the mystery of consciousness, technology and a great piece of magnificent acting and a thrilling plot line, I strongly recommend you to go and check it out!



Learning never stops!

I’m a true believer in constant development and self-education. The world around us is just so huge, filled with most interesting and bizarre things. Thanks to the invention of internet basically all the data and any information that you’ll ever need is just a few clicks away. There are numerous articles, movies, audios and much more hidden in the vastness of the world wide web. One of the most popular sites is definitely YouTube which is once again filled with countless videos and channels. Today I’m going to point out 3 different channels that, if you are fascinated by everything around and inside us,Β  provide some exhaustion to the never-ending fire of learning. I’ve been following Ted-Ed and Kurzgesagt for years and recently I also discovered the sublimely delivered “It’s okay to be smart”. Sometimes I get a bit too carried away and watch dozens of videos in a row. It’s really a very useful way of spending time compared to many other things but the downside is that by the time you’re at the 5th clip you don’t remember what the 1st one was about :). So I recommend watching a few videos at once and then watching them one more time to really collect all the new information learned. Go and see for yourself! And don’t forget to subscribe!






to be smart

Synchronizing brainwaves

We’ve been traveling through SE Asia with Anna already for 4,5 months by now. Which means we’ve been together for 24 hours with a few exceptions for 4,5 months :). It has been the greatest adventure of our lives and we’re both extremely grateful for it! During this time we’ve definitely grown more together and I mean it in a very good way but lately we have discovered one more aspect of our everyday lives. It seems that quite often we find ourselves thinking about the same thing. Or starting doing the same thing at the same time without prior agreement. Or one second Anna starts talking about coffee when a split second ago I had an idea of making coffee. Or at the same time when I’m saying shall we go to the beach she says let’s go to the beach. And so on and so on :). These are just some examples but it seems that they are starting to occur more often. Of course in some way they can be explained by the same traditions we have developed on our journey and there are just some things that we like to do quite regularly. But on the other hand it really seems that sometimes our thoughts or brainwaves are somehow connected. Almost like a scientific research but it’s really fun πŸ™‚


I really miss driving a car

Although driving a scooter really has many benefits, especially here in Bali and generally in SE Asia traffic, I still really miss driving a car. I know that some people just like the sensation of going on a drive, even if there’s no specific destination, and I’m one of them. You can put on some great music, relax and just enjoy the miles going by. Or sometimes you don’t want to relax, you want to grab the steering wheel a little bit tighter, turn on the sport mode (if there is one πŸ™‚ ), feel the feedback from the wheels and the engine andΒ  just go for it! Of course, everything in a sensible manner on public roads :). Honestly I didn’t think that I would be missing this of all the things in the world but that’s the case. I have been driving a car since I got 18 which is already 12 years by now and I guess it has really kind of grown on me. Of course I could just rent a car here for a couple of days but firstly in order do to it legally it would require an international driving license, which I don’t have. Secondly most of the time I’d just be stuck in a traffic jam and thirdly it’s not long before we will be heading back home and there we will soon purchase a new four-wheeled companion for us :).

In a car you have more room, you’re protected from the elements and it’s safer. Of course you can’t squeeze yourself through a 0.5m wide gap but most of the time that’s not the issue :). Meanwhile we try to stick to the traffic-free, beautiful views, off the grid roads since driving a scooter there is a true bliss πŸ™‚

BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW Dynamic Light Spot, 05/2011

A perfect place to live!

A while back we were sitting on beach discussing about what we have liked and not liked in our different destinations so far. As it turns out you could really get an almost perfect place where to live combining different things from different places. Since our talk got really interesting I decided to share it with you also :). Some things may yet change since we still have some time here in Bali.

  • Food – we’ve had had some great dishes in every place we’ve stayed but all in all from our point of view Thai cuisine is the best! Pad Thai, soy noodles and fried rice..mmmmm
  • Massage – definitely from Chiang Mai. You could get a really good massage there for really reasonable prices!
  • Beaches – Yanui, Nai Harn and Ao Sane from Phuket, Tanjung Rhu from Langkawi, Melasti, Suluban Uluwatu and Gunung Payung from Bali
  • People – although everywhere during our trip there have been extremely friendly people we’ve not seen so many kind smiling faces then in Jakarta πŸ™‚
  • Accommodation – we would take the one from Phuket, adding the kitchen part + living area from Kuala Lumpur (I will make a separate post of reviews of our accommodations)
  • Coffee – Baantaa Cafe from Chiang Mai. Delicious drinks and a very lovely lady serving them πŸ™‚
  • Scooter – from Bali, main reason is that it has quite big fuel tank πŸ™‚
  • Markets – from Thailand. I’d say that the market culture is definitely at it’s highest in Thailand πŸ™‚
  • Parks – mostly from Singapore adding some elements from Kuala Lumpur
  • Shopping malls and grocery stores – you can’t get a better choice than in Kuala Lumpur
  • Beer and other alcohol – Langkawi, because it’s really dirt cheap in there πŸ™‚
  • City as a whole – Singapore. They have made just an extraordinary work building that city πŸ™‚
  • Traffic – Langkawi. Compared to all other places it was a bliss to drive! No traffic jams, no hustle πŸ™‚
  • Weather – really doesn’t matter. The weather is just great everywhere throughout SE Asia
  • Working out – combination of gyms from Kuala Lumpur and Bali. And the basketball court from Bali πŸ™‚
  • Riding a bicycle – definitely Singapore
  • Temples – most beautiful single temples are definitely found in Thailand but I really like the way how temples and shrines are combined with everyday houses and streets here in Bali
  • Nature – Phuket, Langkawi, Bali, Chiang Mai – it’s impossible to choose πŸ™‚
  • The National museum – although it doesn’t classify as a national museum as such I would bring out Mini Indonesia in Jakarta
  • A bucket from Bangkok
  • An awesome hostel dog called Chummy from Langkawi πŸ™‚
  • Cleanliness – there just is no other competitor to Singapore
  • Snorkeling – Phuket, although I hope that Bali still has some surprises


Bali weather in February

During February it’s a rainy season in Bali. This means that you can have 3 sunshine days straight in a row but you can also have some days when it’s raining most of the time. In addition some days it rains for 30 minutes which in turn is followed by 30 minutes of scorching sun :). In short during this time of the year (rainy season is roughly from November to March) everything can happen and you have to be prepared. Luckily we understood right in the beginning that proper raincoats are a must so we bought two of them from a local store and they have been loyal friends of ours :). Don’t misunderstand me, majority of the time the weather is still beautiful and honestly these rains are quite often very refreshing since otherwise it would just get too hot in here. The graph below maybe a bit too over-exaggerated but I can imagine it can be quite burning to be here in July-Aug.


It’s just the fact that rain can literally come out of nowhere in minutes. And trust me, it’s not a very pleasant feeling to drive with a scooter when you’re soaking wet. Just today when we decided to go on a bit longer trip to Ubud the heavens opened up while we were just starting out trip and it basically hasn’t stopped since. Ubud itself seemed to be quite nice place with many beautiful temples, surrounding rice fields and honestly thousands and thousands of handicrafts and souvenir shops. If you plan to go souvenir shopping then Ubud is definitely the place to go and check out. You can see some clips of it in the 7th video of Bali.

Oh, I also ate one the best kebab’s I ever had anywhere! To be honest it was not an authentic kebab as such but nevertheless it was really really tasty! Definitely going to get a few of them when I see this place again πŸ™‚


Sending warm degrees to everyone who is feeling cold at the moment :)!

The best ice-cream in the world! (So far)

I think that during our travels in SE Asia we’ve come to be a somewhat ice-cream specialists :). We enjoyed eating ice-cream also back home but in here we’ve had at least one or two of them almost every day! I know it sounds as quite much but so are the temperatures in here :). We’ve tried dozens and dozens of different ice-creams in every place we’ve stayed and we’ve had our favorites but I think now we’ve finally found the holy grail, so to speak :). It’s called Haku and it’s just a delicious masterpiece! Although it costs a bit more (about 12.000 rupiah or 0,71€) then an average ice-cream around here it’s 100% worth it! I wish we had something like this back home and I’ll definitely try to find a substitute when we get back (carrying a suitcase full of ice-creams from Indonesia to Estonia doesn’t seem to be a very good plan πŸ™‚ ). Either way if you’re an ice-cream lover I highly recommend to try it!jÀÀtis

After finishing this post I’ll go to the nearby store and buy a couple of these….