Kuala Lumpur and Singapore budget + what to do

Kuala Lumpur

Once again – as usual all the costs are averages for 2 people per day. KL was naturally not so inexpensive as Langkawi but nevertheless a very affordable place to visit or live.

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things). I’d say that at least half of the times we cooked something on our own since we had a big kitchen to use. There are numerous grocery stores at KL but we mostly visited Giant due to good choice of items and great prices – 33,4 ringgit
  • Transport (in case of KL it contains only Uber for some rides in the city + transport from and to the airport)  – 14,8 ringgit
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast). As an average a meal costs about 10-12 ringgit but be on a lookout for great lunch offers from numerous food trucks for only about 5-6 ringgit – 27,5 ringgit. 
  • Entrance fees (KL Bird park, cinema, National museum etc.) – 15,3 ringgit. By far the most expensive was Bird park but it was also worth it
  • Shopping (different souvenirs) – 14,91 ringgit
  • Other (mobile internet, cash withdrawal fees, washing clothes, and other similar) – 0 ringgit :). Washing clothes was free and we already had enough internet and cash

Our accommodation was 1638 ringgit totaling our expenses at 3120 ringgit (about 647€) during our 13 day stay.

Our recommendations about what to do and see in KL in no particular order:

  • KL Forest Eco Park and Canopy walk
  • Visiting the numerous beautiful shopping malls of KL. You don’t have to buy anything.. but you could 🙂
  • Petronas Twin towers and KLCC park
  • Central Market and Chinatown
  • Merdeka square
  • KL Botanical and Orchid gardens
  • The Police museum
  • The National Museum of Malaysia
  • Batu caves
  • Heli lounge
  • KL Bird park


Singapore is in a class of it’s own related to living costs and it also shows out from our expenses. Nevertheless you can still enjoy this magnificent city with reasonable budget

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things). Since we didn’t cook ourselves the expenses in this area were not big – 3,9 S$
  • Transport (in case of Singapore it contains Uber and bike rental fee)  – 12,8 S$
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast). You can get a meal for 5S$ or also 50S$. Up to you 🙂 – 27,3 S$
  • Entrance fees (in our case only National museum ) – 7,5 S$
  • Shopping (different souvenirs) – 3 S$
  • Other (mobile internet) – 8 S$. The cheapest data prepaid card I could find was 32 S$

Our accommodation in Singapore was 150 S$ which means it total we spent 400 S$ (about 250€) during our 3,5 day visit.

Regarding what to do in Singapore read my previous post 🙂

All the best!



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