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Already 20 videos so far from our SE Asia trip!

GoPro has been our true companion throughout our adventures in SE Asia. And hopefully it will also be that for many years to come :). I really like making photos but there’s just so much more liveliness in videos and they really take you back to those great moments. There will definitely be some more clips of Bali and Tokyo but I decided to combine all I’ve made so far into one post so you could easily reach them :). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the places we’ve been! Enjoy :)!


Chiang Mai



Kuala Lumpur





Singapore video and Singapore airport

First of all I have to apologize about the shaky quality of Singapore video. It turns out that for some reason Image Stabilization feature on my GoPro was switched off at some point and I discovered it only when editing the video. Nevertheless hopefully you can still get a glimpse of this magnificent city from this small clip. But to truly enjoy Singapore it’s highly recommended to go and see for yourself!

In addition I just wanted to write a few words also about Singapore airport. In several videos found in Youtube the airport was mentioned as a separate place of interest. I didn’t understand it in the beginning but while leaving Singapore we took some time to look around in the airport and as it turns out the beautiful theme of the city also continues there. There are several art installations, real trees growing through the floor, a little piece of colonial dutch architecture, a lot of greenery and even an opportunity to play video games for free. And we visited only 1 terminal of the four. So when most of the times it’s really a big nuisance waiting for your flight in the airport in Singapore it’s actually not that bad πŸ™‚

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore budget + what to do

Kuala Lumpur

Once again – as usual all the costs are averages for 2 people per day. KL was naturally not so inexpensive as Langkawi but nevertheless a very affordable place to visit or live.

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things). I’d say that at least half of the times we cooked something on our own since we had a big kitchen to use. There are numerous grocery stores at KL but we mostly visited Giant due to good choice of items and great prices – 33,4 ringgit
  • Transport (in case of KL it contains only Uber for some rides in the city + transport from and to the airport)Β  – 14,8 ringgit
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast). As an average a meal costs about 10-12 ringgit but be on a lookout for great lunch offers from numerous food trucks for only about 5-6 ringgit – 27,5 ringgit.Β 
  • Entrance fees (KL Bird park, cinema, National museum etc.) – 15,3 ringgit. By far the most expensive was Bird park but it was also worth it
  • Shopping (different souvenirs) – 14,91 ringgit
  • Other (mobile internet, cash withdrawal fees, washing clothes, and other similar) – 0 ringgit :).Β Washing clothes was free and we already had enough internet and cash

Our accommodation was 1638 ringgit totaling our expenses at 3120 ringgit (about 647€)Β during our 13 day stay.

Our recommendations about what to do and see in KL in no particular order:

  • KL Forest Eco Park and Canopy walk
  • Visiting the numerous beautiful shopping malls of KL. You don’t have to buy anything.. but you could πŸ™‚
  • Petronas Twin towers and KLCC park
  • Central Market and Chinatown
  • Merdeka square
  • KL Botanical and Orchid gardens
  • The Police museum
  • The National Museum of Malaysia
  • Batu caves
  • Heli lounge
  • KL Bird park


Singapore is in a class of it’s own related to living costs and it also shows out from our expenses. Nevertheless you can still enjoy this magnificent city with reasonable budget

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things). Since we didn’t cook ourselves the expenses in this area were not big – 3,9 S$
  • Transport (in case of Singapore it contains Uber and bike rental fee)Β  – 12,8 S$
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast). You can get a meal for 5S$ or also 50S$. Up to you πŸ™‚ – 27,3 S$
  • Entrance fees (in our case only National museum ) – 7,5 S$
  • Shopping (different souvenirs) – 3 S$
  • Other (mobile internet) – 8 S$.Β The cheapest data prepaid card I could find was 32 S$

Our accommodation in Singapore was 150 S$ which means it total we spentΒ 400 S$ (about 250€)Β during our 3,5 day visit.

Regarding what to do in Singapore read my previous post πŸ™‚

All the best!



Singapore – a truly amazing experience!


Although we are in Singapore for only 3 days there is so much to say about it. First and foremost we really like it here and you probably can’t compare it with any other city on the planet. It’s very clean, modern, high-tech, filled with greenery and there’s just so much to see! And you actually don’t have to go to any specific place since strolling on the streets and riverside of Singapore is already a great experience. During the 3 days we’ve been here we have walked for about 20 km and rode with a bike for roughly another 45 km. So we’ve had quite long and exhausting days starting from 11 AM and ending about 9-10 PM. At first we mostly opted for walking but since biking is really popular here and there are 3 main bike rental companies with thousands and thousands of bikes around the city we just couldn’t miss the opportunity. That and the fact that our legs were beginning to hurt :). Riding a bike is inexpensive but sometimes it takes some time to search for a proper bike with everything working and high enough saddle (since in case most of the bikes the highest setting is still very low). There are no such biking roads as in Copenhagen for example but in most of the places you can co-exist with all the pedestrians quite well. Only in some areas where the pathways are really narrow zig-zaging between all the people can be a real hustle. But all in all it’s ok and everyone is used with all the bicycles moving around :).

Singapore is beautiful both during the daytime and nighttime but I’d say that only when the sun sets the real beauty of the majestic skyline begins to show. Most of the buildings are being lighted and of course there are the great landmarks as Marina Bay Sands, Singapore flyer and ArtScience museum that make it one of the most extraordinary city views.


Of course you have to take under consideration that Singapore’s prices can’t really be compared with other countries in SE Asia or in a matter of fact in anywhere in the world. Currently for the fourth year in a row Singapore is the most expensive city in the world and it has been in top 10 for a very long time.Β I will give a more detailed overview in my budget post later on. But be prepared to pay a bit more even if you don’t plan to visit many sightseeing places in the city. While saying that there is still a lot you can do in this city for free. For example one place that you really cannot miss (!) is Gardens by The Bay. It’s a huge park consisting of many different areas most popular of which is the Supertree Grove which is a masterpiece also during the day but when the evening comes all the trees light up and offer quite a sight. Furthermore every evening at 7:45 and 8:45 PM there’s a special 15 minutes music and light show that you must see at least once. If you don’t have much time at least visit this place πŸ™‚


Secondly I’d recommend to walk or ride a bike on the riverbanks of downtown Singapore from Clarke Quay to Marina Bay. There are many places to sit and enjoy the magnificent view. Thirdly if you’re into greenery then The Southern Ridges, Henderson Waves and Mount Faber Park are perfect places to take a small hike through the jungle in the middle of the city. Local Chinatown shouldn’t be missed and Buddha Tooth Relic temple is also one of the most beautiful temples we’ve seen here in SE Asia. We also visited the National Museum of Singapore (entrance fee 15 S$ per person) with it’s great and extremely interesting exhibitions. If you have some more time and resources πŸ™‚ then these places are also very highly recommended:

  • Singapore flyer – 165m high ferris wheel with 360 degree views (33 S$)
  • Marina Sands observation deck – a great view from the top of 8 billion S$ building (23S$)
  • Flower Dome and Cloud forest at Gardens by The Bay (28S$)

In addition in Singapore there’s a whole separate entertainment island called Sentosa which is full of different theme parks and activities. For example Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove waterpark, Madame Tussauds and much more. There are even 3 beaches with supposedly an appropriate water for swimming. Although there are constantly about one thousand (!) cargo ships near Singapore. After every 2 minutes a new ship arrives at Singapore making it the world’s second-busiest port.

In conclusion I can say that Singapore is a place that I’d recommend to see at least once in your life. Although the island is really small (720 square km) they have managed to build a great city with majestic landmarks, buzzling trade, clean environment, abundance of greenery, architectural masterpieces, safe streets and much more! I’m glad we decided to come here πŸ™‚