I really miss driving a car

Although driving a scooter really has many benefits, especially here in Bali and generally in SE Asia traffic, I still really miss driving a car. I know that some people just like the sensation of going on a drive, even if there’s no specific destination, and I’m one of them. You can put on some great music, relax and just enjoy the miles going by. Or sometimes you don’t want to relax, you want to grab the steering wheel a little bit tighter, turn on the sport mode (if there is one 🙂 ), feel the feedback from the wheels and the engine and  just go for it! Of course, everything in a sensible manner on public roads :). Honestly I didn’t think that I would be missing this of all the things in the world but that’s the case. I have been driving a car since I got 18 which is already 12 years by now and I guess it has really kind of grown on me. Of course I could just rent a car here for a couple of days but firstly in order do to it legally it would require an international driving license, which I don’t have. Secondly most of the time I’d just be stuck in a traffic jam and thirdly it’s not long before we will be heading back home and there we will soon purchase a new four-wheeled companion for us :).

In a car you have more room, you’re protected from the elements and it’s safer. Of course you can’t squeeze yourself through a 0.5m wide gap but most of the time that’s not the issue :). Meanwhile we try to stick to the traffic-free, beautiful views, off the grid roads since driving a scooter there is a true bliss 🙂

BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW Dynamic Light Spot, 05/2011

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