In all the countries that we’re visiting we try to go to the National museum to get a better overview of the country’s history and heritage. And so we did here in KL also. The entrance fee is only 5 ringgit and for that you’ll get access to 4 huge halls containing hundreds of exhibits through earliest days of civilization in this area to present times. There are also several free exhibition halls with various displays.

Right near to the National museum there’s also a police museum which maybe at first doesn’t sound very interesting but actually it’s definitely worth a visit. You can learn a lot about what different equipment has been used in Malaysia and in SE Asia through the years. There are also several different cars, bikes and other machinery on display and it’s totally free. Spending about an hour there is definitely not a bad idea!

In the middle of those 2 places is the National planetarium which we skipped this time since we were quite hot from all the walking and it seemed to be minus degrees in the building. Maybe that will be for some time in the future :).

All in all there are actually quite many museums and similar facilities with free or very inexpensive admittance fees in KL. Back that with all the different parks, beautiful buildings and skyscrapers this city is pretty nice and interesting place to be 🙂

One very good thing in here is the lunchtime on business days. It seems that during this time many different food trucks park themselves on the streets between the buildings and suddenly a huge number of nicely dressed office workers fill the streets to get lunch for themselves. For us it’s also very convenient since you can get an extremely delicious meal for only 6 ringgits (about 1,2€) without walking more than a minute or two.

Also Uber is really inexpensive in KL. Our nearly 60km trip from the airport was 75 ringgit and smaller trips in the city cost no more than 5-15. Of course you have to take under consideration that in some cases you are probably quicker on foot due to the traffic jams.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the famous Batu caves. More about it in the next posts :)!

Sending a lot of sunshine!



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