Unleash The Power Within

2 years ago I went to an astonishing event called Unleash The Power Within based in London. It’s a 4-day training program which is aimed to bring out the best in you and as the name says to unleash your inner potential. It’s held by Anthony Robbins and his team. I don’t know how many of you have heard of him but he’s at the very top in the world in career-, self-improvement and life coaching.

These 4 days were full of extreme action – group discussions, different tasks, lectures, finding new friends, jumping, self-reflection and even walking on hot coals :). In order to receive and process all the new information gained the energy level was kept very high with frequent exercises, loud music and dancing. All in all it was like a 4 day party but during which you found out a lot about yourself, what is keeping you back and how should you change your thinking. Usually the day started about 8-9 AM and lasted almost until midnight plus the hall was filled with 8000 people so it was quite an experience! I would highly recommend to visit this event and I’ll definitely go back at one point. There are several similar trainings being held all over the world, not only in London.

I have a entire book full of different notes I made during the training but I also put together a small presentation with mostly some keywords but still some valuable information and ideas to be noted of. Every once in while a go through it reminding myself everything I learned there. I hope you find value in it :)! Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

>Link to the file below<

UPW 2016


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