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Already 20 videos so far from our SE Asia trip!

GoPro has been our true companion throughout our adventures in SE Asia. And hopefully it will also be that for many years to come :). I really like making photos but there’s just so much more liveliness in videos and they really take you back to those great moments. There will definitely be some more clips of Bali and Tokyo but I decided to combine all I’ve made so far into one post so you could easily reach them :). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the places we’ve been! Enjoy :)!


Chiang Mai



Kuala Lumpur





Our Jakarta budget + what to do and see

Our stay in Jakarta was really home-orientated. Since we had such a nice accommodation we spent quite significant time in our little place midst the craziness of the city. Nevertheless there’s quite much to do and see in Jakarta plus you just can’t miss all the smiles and kindness of the people living there :). As always cost are daily averages for 2 people.

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things)  in Jakarta it was mainly breakfast and quite many snacks 🙂 – 90.000 rupiah.
  • Transport (in case of Jakarta it contains only Uber fees since we didn’t use any other method of transport, except walking of course 🙂 )  – 60.000 rupiah
  • Eating out. (We ate lunch and dinner usually somewhere out. If to be honest it was about 50/50 between local and so to say western food in Jakarta) – 135.000 rupiah
  • Entrance fees (Mini Indonesia, Ancol Dreamland and Waterbom water park ) – 42.000 rupiah
  • Shopping. (We decided to buy souvenirs from Bali and we had no need for other things at the time)  – 0 rupiah 🙂
  • Other (mobile internet) – 25.000 rupiah. The cheapest data prepaid card I could find was 300.00 rupiah. And be warned that when arriving in our terminal I could find only one place that sold prepaid data cards and they only took cash. Usually there are loads of this kind of vendors in the airport.

Our accommodation was 4,27 mln rupiah so in total we spent 4,27+4,23 = 8,5 mln rupiah (about ~520 EUR) during our 11 days stay. Of course you can actually get through with considerably less in Jakarta but it’s mostly all up to what kind of accommodation you want :).

What to do and see (in no particular order)

  • Ancol dreamland – a theme park with a huge variety of different activities, parks, places to eat and even it’s own shopping mall. It also had a small beach area for swimming
  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – a huge village with numerous activities, temples from all over Indonesia, different museums for all tastes and much more! This is a must visit and it will take you a full day!
  • The National monument and Merdeka square
  • Waterbom Jakarta or any of the other water parks in town. But do your research before since many of the parks are not in good condition
  • Flea market Jalan Surabaya – you can find a huge number of different antiques and souvenirs there. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything it’s really interesting to see, almost like a museum of it’s own!
  • Kota Tua area – it’s the old town area of Jakarta with many beautiful buildings and architecture from Dutch colonial era
  • The contrast of the city – doesn’t matter where you go in Jakarta you will see beautiful buildings right next to slums built under the bridges and highways. It’s quite a sight
  • People – as I’ve already expressed several times people in Jakarta are just so friendly and nice and it’s impossible to go for a walk without a smile on your face :)!

So how is Jakarta?

  • Although people in SE Asia are very friendly and warm we haven’t seen so much kindness and smiles in other places as here in Jakarta. Honestly your face muscles are exhausted at the end of the day of all the smiling :).
  • Hand trolleys are extremely popular in here. They are being used to carry anything from a huge pile of flip-flops to washing machines. Some of them seem to weigh a ton although usually there’s only one person pushing them.
  • The city is truly endless. From no point in the city where we’ve been we haven’t been able to sense anything similar to the end (except seaside). It just goes on and on…
  • There are hundreds and hundreds of cats roaming the streets although we’ve seen only a few dogs during our stay.
  • I haven’t seen this kind of contrast anywhere else in the world. At one point there’s  beautiful buildings and hotels while right behind the corner you can find water canals filled with stinky water and garbage.
  • Motorcycle taxis are found absolutely everywhere. I don’t really understand how there are enough clients for them but it seems that somehow they manage. And when you’re riding a scooter then you’re allowed to go both ways even if it’s a one-way street :).
  • There are also armies of tuk-tuk’s here. They are rather similar as in Thailand but with a more closed cabin and very funny small wheels :).
  • You can even find some beaches in this huge city. Although the water quality can’t be very good we saw several people swimming.
  • Jakarta is really car-centered city. Although there are several public transport methods I’ve read that they are always really crowded and we haven’t used them. Walking on sidewalks can sometimes also be a hustle since it’s very popular to put up a small tent right in the middle of the pathway to sell food or some other goods. So you have no other option to go pass them using the street meant for cars. Uber on the other hand is extremely cheap and highly recommended. Just don’t use it during the morning and evening rush hours.
  • Trolleys selling different fruits or pandan cakes are found on each corner
  • There are no huge entrances to shopping malls like back in Estonia or even Kuala Lumpur. There are only a few places you can get in and you always have to go through a security check. I even saw security guards checking the backseats and trunks of the cars going to the parking lots.
  • Fastfood places are very popular here. You can find McDonald’s, KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc. everywhere. We have visited the nearby Domino’s pizza for several times but honestly they have the second best pizza I’ve ever had! (The best one is a small place called Steffani back home). So unfortunate that we don’t have one in Estonia.
  • Even though in most cases people don’t have much in here they seem to be very happy :). Children are playing on the streets with old toys, people are just sitting at the street side laughing and chatting, an old man passing by wishes you a good day with a huge smile and so on :). Although it’s not a touristy city and a lot of locals may see foreigners maybe even for the first time you’ll definitely feel welcome in here :)!

Videos of Jakarta

This time my video editing software was not a friend of mine. For reasons still unknown (most likely some of the clips were damaged for some reason) it kept crashing and crashing no matter what I did. After several attempts I finally managed to put together 2 clips of our adventures here in Jakarta (although it was meant as 1 video in the beginning). There are still some wierd glitches here and there but since I couldn’t find the issue I still decided to publish them. Go and have a look for yourself 🙂

All the best!


A must visit place in Jakarta – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Yesterday we visited the whole of Indonesia. Well, almost. In the eastern part of Jakarta there’s a place called Mini Indonesia and it’s one of the things you definitely should visit while in Jakarta. Basically it’s a combination of exhibitions, regional pavilions from all over the country, numerous parks, museums, different activity centers and much more. This place is huge and you could literally spend days there. Be warned that although the park itself is opened until 10 PM a lot of museums and pavilions will close at 4-5 PM. We spent about 6-7 hours there and during this time we managed to visit maybe only less then half of the places and walk around in about 3/4 of the area.


Entrance fee to the park is 15000 ringgit per person and most of the places are free to visit although for some museums and activity centers (like waterpark, skyworld, theatres and so on) there are separate admittance fees. All in all it’s still inexpensive compared to the value and sheer number of different things to see that you’ll get in return. Although in some areas you can clearly understand that the park has seen better days there’s probably no better place to get an overview of different cultures that form this huge country called Indonesia. Add to that all the museums and activities and you will easily have an enjoyable time there. In case you’ll get hungry or thirsty there are countless places to refresh yourself so no worries about that.

I made several video clips of this place so soon you’ll be able to get a glimpse of it through the lens of my GoPro also :).

I briefly already wrote about this in the previous post but honestly – if you’d like to know how it feels to be famous, come to Jakarta! Hundreds and hundreds of people during our time in here have said hello to us with a big smile on their faces. Quite often they are seconded with “Hi mister”/”Hi miss” or “Hi sir”. By the way most of the time they don’t get it quite right and address Anna as mister or vice versa but all in all it’s not important :). For countless times we’ve been asked if a photo or even a selfie could be taken with us and most of the time we’ve said yes – only at the end of the day we’ve politely declined since although it’s great that people are so friendly it’s also quite tiring :). And dozens and dozens of times we’ve been asked where we’re from. Once again, all this is being done in an extremely friendly way but just be advised that this can happen to you here in Jakarta :)!

Different emotions from Jakarta

Jakarta is huge. I mean really really huge. The city metropolitan area is second only to Tokyo and about 31 million people live here! As far as the eye can see there are endless rows of buildings with only Java sea ending them at one side. Our accommodation is located on 30th floor so the view from our window is pretty good.

vaade aknast

The room otherwise is also really nice with a huge bed, nice small living room area and a proper bathroom. We are staying in a huge 39 floor building right near the center of the city with a decent pool and also a gym. The only thing is that the building at some places is still under construction :). As I searched the internet it seems that it was officially finished in 2014 but the reality is that in several places construction works are still being done 4 years later. Supposedly there was going to be a mall, several dining places and much more in this complex but I think that something went wrong at one point and at the moment none of these places are really working. Well, it’s actually rather good for us since it’s really quiet in here and not so many people moving around.

Speaking about moving around – walking in Jakarta is a quite an interesting experience. Compared to all the cities we’ve been and are going Jakarta is not at all touristy. So far during the 2 days here we’ve only seen about 15-20 people who you could also classify as tourists. That being said you get a lot of attention everywhere :). All the people smile to you, say hello and want to get a second of your attention. It’s all being done definitely with a positive energy but it’s still quite an interesting feeling since we’ve never been in such a situation before. On several occasions people have even asked us if they could make a photo with us :). Actually this is one of the reasons why we chose Jakarta to one of our destinations – to see how the life works in one of the biggest cities in Asia without any touristy glamour. I think you could somewhat compare Jakarta with Bangkok but the latter is in most of the places really tourist-orientated. And the honest answer to how the life is in here is it’s quite diverse and contrasty. There are some high end malls, business buildings and so on but mainly it’s still endless fields of older buildings and streets, a true concrete jungle. There’s not much greenery besides the huge 1 square kilometer park in the middle. And the poverty also shows out with garbage on the streets, homeless people and low quality infrastructure. Compared to Singapore it’s like being on a different planet. But nevertheless all this has it’s own appeal and Jakarta definitely holds many secrets to be discovered during our stay in this huge metropolis.

Currency, local Indonesian Rupiah, is a quite interesting thing on it’s own. Since the exchange rate compared to Euro is huge it definitely takes time to get used to. For example 1 EUR is about 16000 rupiah meaning a small meal can cost tens of thousands and you can easily spend half a million during one day. There are also coins that are made from plastic since metal would be just too expensive. The downside to all this is that your wallet is constantly cramped with a huge package of notes from 2000 up to 100.000 but from the upside at least here we are millionaires :)!