Why it’s good to have a personal working space at home

Well obviously the current situation in the world has made this topic even more popular than usual but even if we leave all COVID, home office and other topics aside I still think that it’s really important to have a dedicated space somewhere in your place for working/brainstorming.

I’m lucky enough to have a separate room for this (well, at least half a room, the other half is where I keep all my tools currently 🙂 ). Some time ago I didn’t emphasize it as much and just sat behind my laptop where-ever possible but now I understand that it’s much better to have a one certain place for that. When you actually think about it, it sounds extremely logical that you have different places for different activities, you don’t start cooking in your bedroom for example. But in case of working from home it can be a bit vague.

At least in my case when I now sit down in my dedicated space behind the computer I already have the correct mindset for actually doing something useful (at least mostly 🙂 ). I have everything I need – a bigger monitor for a more convenient experience, especially in case of Excel and Photoshop, a comfortable office chair and a (somewhat) ergonomic table which I will probably swap for something better sometime soon. Additionally I have a whiteboard right beside me when I need to brainstorm something or just clear up my thoughts, a small couch for relaxation moments and where it’s nice to lay down for listening for audiobooks for example, a view of our garden, a set of speakers and headphones, depending on the mood and the hour of day 🙂 plus most importantly at least one furry friend (either my cat or one of the dogs).

So if possible I would suggest to find some allocated space for work related activities, even if just a corner on the kitchen table. It will make a difference 🙂

All the Best!


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