Synchronizing brainwaves

We’ve been traveling through SE Asia with Anna already for 4,5 months by now. Which means we’ve been together for 24 hours with a few exceptions for 4,5 months :). It has been the greatest adventure of our lives and we’re both extremely grateful for it! During this time we’ve definitely grown more together and I mean it in a very good way but lately we have discovered one more aspect of our everyday lives. It seems that quite often we find ourselves thinking about the same thing. Or starting doing the same thing at the same time without prior agreement. Or one second Anna starts talking about coffee when a split second ago I had an idea of making coffee. Or at the same time when I’m saying shall we go to the beach she says let’s go to the beach. And so on and so on :). These are just some examples but it seems that they are starting to occur more often. Of course in some way they can be explained by the same traditions we have developed on our journey and there are just some things that we like to do quite regularly. But on the other hand it really seems that sometimes our thoughts or brainwaves are somehow connected. Almost like a scientific research but it’s really fun 🙂


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