A special mentioning of my Skechers shoes

This post might sound silly but based on my experience I’d just like to bring out and recommend Skechers shoes that I got before going to SE Asia. If to be honest I had never bought anything from them before but since there was a special offer and they were really comfortable I decided to try them out. And I’m really glad that I did! First of all they are really light, from appearance point of view suitable for a jogging track and also wearing with jeans in a more polite place but most of all extremely durable! Through our time in SE Asia and even now afterwards they have basically gone through hell but still look almost like new!

For example they have endured countless hours and miles of walking, running, playing basketball (which is really rough on shoes), being wet, being stepped on, riding a scooter (which usually just destroys the soles since most of the time in traffic jams you are slowly dragging your feet 🙂 ), jungle hiking, gym time, climbing on rocks and much much more. And since besides flip-flops they were the only shoes I wore on the trip for a half a year in a row you can believe what I say. Skechers shoes might not be the cheapest ones but the quality is definitely worth the price! This certain type had special foam solution for extra comfort and honestly they are as comfortable now as they were in the beginning. Long story short – if you have never used their products, definitely it’s at least worth a shot!


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