Heli Lounge, Batu caves, KL Bird park and Roti Booom

Heli Lounge

There are plenty of options to get a view over the towering skyline of KL. Different viewing platforms, the TV tower, Petronas Twin towers and so on. The problem with them is that in order to get to the top you have to pay 50-100 ringgit admittance fee and from most of the places you can see only to one or two directions. But our host here recommended a place called Heli Lounge/Bar which is just a 5 minute walk from our accommodation. The idea is that from early morning until 6 PM it is used as a helicopter landing pad but after that it’s turned to a rooftop bar with 360 degree view of the city. A really great idea in my opinion :)! To get a good place or a place at all it’s wise to go there slightly before 6. In order to get to the top all you need to do is buy a drink from the bar. The drinks are around 30-40 ringgit and at least the Long Islands we had were spot on :)! After 9 PM as we heard there will be some entrance fee and dress code so the best time to visit is between 6-9 in the evening so you could get a glimpse of the sunset also. An awesome place to go and see KL from a different vantage point :)!

KL panorama

Batu caves

Located about 13km outside the city center but still rather engulfed by the vastness of KL Batu caves are located. This place is considered to be one of the most sacred Hindu shrines outside of India and I must admit a quite huge tourist attraction also. It’s a rather long climb up the stairs where the entrance awaits. In there you can find some temples, beautiful cave formations and a lot of clever monkeys climbing around everywhere. Currently some areas are under renovation but it has a little effect to the beauty and the majesty of the cave. Be sure to visit a smaller cave filled with different statues from Hindu religion about a 3-4 min walk to the left from the main entrance. Entrance fee to this smaller cavern is only 5 ringgit and it’s definitely worth it! Batu cave itself is free to visit!

batu caves

KL Bird park

World’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary is how they commercialize themselves and it’s true, that place is quite huge. You can find hundreds of different birds in there from all shapes and sizes. Although the entrance fee is rather high (67 ringgit per person) it’s still an extremely interesting place to visit if you like to see beautiful birds flying around not in their natural habitat but as close to that as possible. Be careful though not to get hit by any of them cause that could happen. Most popular bird in there seemed to be the peacock and constantly they found a reason to show off their beautiful feathers. They are truly quite magnificent!


Roti booom

Totally out of topic compared to other things in this post but I very quickly just wanted to share my favorite thing to eat here in Malaysia :). They are called Roti booom which back in Estonia would be quite weird since Roti stands for a rat :). Either way they are extremely delicious and I highly recommend to try some while you’re here! Available on the streets but also in frozen form in most of the supermarkets. Just heat the pan, add a little oil and that’s it! Enjoy! 🙂



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