Jules Verne – The Mysterious Island

mysterious island

I believe that many of you who have interest in books have already read this piece of art. I myself I’m not a very big fan of these kind of books since mostly I invest my time into some sort of self-education works. But every once in a while it’s good to read some very intriguing story and this was most certainly one of them and definitely not any less of a investment! Over a period of 3 days I read through 600 pages of this great classic and quite often I found myself peeking to the next page or at least a few lines ahead to know what was going to happen. Although it was first published already in 1874 reading it now is definitely not less enchanting than over a 100 years ago. It’s maybe just because of that even more interesting to read since the language used is quite much different compared to these days. And it’s also quite remarkable how a book can affect your imagination since most of these 3 days I was constantly imagining everything that was going on  behind the words. So in conclusion I once again strongly advice you to take the time to go through the pages of this novel since it’s extremely capturing from start to finish and an exquisite refreshment to your senses!


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