Happy New Year!

Time flies fast. I remember when I was saying goodbye to 2016 back in Estonia and now a whole year has passed. But it was a great one! So many different adventures, memories, new friends and much more! We spent the last hours of 2017 sitting in the KLCC park, watching a light show, listening to live music and thinking back to the passing year. We were scrolling through all the pictures/calendar posts made throughout the year just talking about all the good times we had. In the end there are limits to what we can remember and honestly I sometimes find myself thinking about what I did yesterday. But the times we do remember are those special moments of happiness, excitement, thankfulness and joy. Of course it’s inevitable that sometimes there will be some not so happy memories mixed in between but in the big picture it’s irrelevant. Let’s collect these special happy moments because these are the ones that matter!


And about 2018 I have this special kind of good gut-feeling. I don’t remember if I have ever waited the coming year as much as I did this time. Although technically it’s just one number changing we tend to put a bigger meaning to the changing of the year. I think it’s just some kind of human nature.

There are so many things that I’m waiting for this year and I have an eagerness and energy to get going! I know that 2018 will bring even more changes than last year and I’m going to greet them with hands open and a smile :)!

I hope that 2018 reflects as the best year of your lives so far! I wish you all abundance in every area of your life and a ton of these happy moments! Raamat


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