So how is Langkawi?

Different thoughts and comments about Langkawi through my eyes 🙂

  • In the evening there are quite many mosquitoes flying around so use repellent or be ready to scratch! I’ve done the latter mostly…
  • Most popular car in here seems to be Proton which is logical since the brand is originated largely from Malaysia. And most of the cars are smaller compact ones, not pickups like in Thailand.
  • Smoking is really popular around here and the not so good part is that it’s allowed also in public places. One package of local cigarettes costs about 0,45€
  • There are around 90000 people living on the islands of Langkawi but only 4 of the 99 islands are inhabited
  • English is really common around here and you even hear locals speaking it quite often amongst themselves. There are just so many different dialects that sometimes it’s easier to communicate in English it seems
  • Although snorkeling is supposed to be quite popular here we still haven’t found any place with nearly as clear water as in Phuket for example. Maybe it’s just like that this time of the year..
  • Walking around in the main tourist street is like walking in a huge duty free shop like ones found in airports. After every 20 meters there’s another shop. But the prices are mostly much cheaper 🙂
  • Most reasonable method of transportation is renting a scooter. But if you don’t have an official A category license I’d stay clear from Jalan Pantai Chenang street since it seems to be a hotspot for police. Otherwise it’s rather quiet in the other places on the island. And from this year Uber is also available in Langkawi with very good prices!
  • When the sun sets a huge number of different bars open on the beach with fire shows, great music and hookah which is also really popular in here
  • There are a huge number of resorts on the island with some of them having private white sand beaches
  • BigMac in here is the best I’ve ever had :)! I don’t know why but it just is! Most of the time we eat local food or go to the market and make something on our own in the hostel kitchen but on some occasions we have also found ourselves in McDonalds and only because of that BigMac 🙂 Sorry! 🙂
  • Local radio stations play a lot of songs from 5, 6, 7 or 10 years ago. And it’s great to here these old hits again :). For some reason Akon is also really popular here..
  • Monkeys are to be found everywhere on the island. Sitting on the roadside, climbing on the trees or just chilling on the beach.
  • And one more time – it’s difficult to imagine more beautiful mountains, beaches and waterfalls then in Langkawi 🙂

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