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Choices and changes in life


I would say that we are just the collection of choices that we’ve made. And most choices bring some kind of change into our lives. I know it sounds very philosophical but I just wanted to write a small post about this topic since there are a lot of changes going on in my life at the moment.

Firstly I just quit my job where I had been for the past 7,5 years of my life which is at least for me a long time. A very interesting, happy, educational, challenging time filled of great memories and it’s quite weird not going back there. I will write more about this in a separate post.

Secondly something very different is going to be the next half a year of my life since I have never been abroad for so long. I’m extremely positive about it (especially since today morning we had 5 degrees Celsius, rain and a horrible wind) but it’s still a small leap into the unknown.

Thirdly a few weeks ago I sold my car which I had owned for roughly 6,5 years. I know that a car is just a car. A method of transport for getting from point A to point B. But through these years there were a huge number of memories associated with that car. Selling it of course doesn’t take them away but still, yet again quite a change in my daily life.

Since we are going away for so long time we will leave our cat with my mother. Although I believe that most of the cat owners agree that their small furry friend can be the cutest thing in the world at one moment and seconds later a total bastard (sorry 🙂 ) who for no reason just pushes something off the table or decides that 4 AM in the morning is a good time to start running around and making funny noises. Nevertheless, I will miss him, luckily he will have a good home meanwhile :).

I could go on but actually the idea behind all this is that we need changes in our lives. As human beings we need to move forwards, we are not meant to be standing still. And sometimes moving forwards needs some bigger decisions.

I wish you all great choices in your lives and remember there are no wrong ones. Either you win or you learn. As said in the beginning – each choice and experience makes us who we are.

First tests with GoPro


In Spring this year I bought myself a GoPro Hero 5 adventure camera. There was 2 reasons for this. First of all since very soon we are going to travel through SE Asia I wanted to capture as much of the trip with camera also and share it with other people. The second reason is related to my interest with photography and naturally video making and editing is not very far from it.

During the summer I made 3 short videos, first one just for testing and just for fun. Second video was to give an overview of beautiful Taevaskoja-Kiidjärve hiking trail in Southern Estonia and the 3rd to promote different sporting activities for which I also rent equipment for. Feel free to go and have a look :)!

Matthew Santoro


Youtube is full of users and channels who share interesting content on daily basis. Although there are several people I follow regarding self-improvement, training, technology, music, cars etc. there is one who’s videos are just very simple, fun and also educating to watch if you want to spend some relaxation time in Youtube not just wasting it but learning something interesting in the process. He regularly posts videos about different facts, top 10’s, fun and scary topics and much more. Go and check it out but be warned, his videos can be quite addictive :)!

Shaw Academy – a great place to learn something new


There are a lot of different online courses sites in the internet. Some more focused on certain topics, some offer a very wide array of things to learn. I  have been using Shaw Academy for quite some time now and I would strongly recommend it. Shaw has quite many courses to choose from and they are constantly adding them. They are very much caring for their customers, asking for feedback, offering assistance whenever needed and are just generally very client-orientated. There is an option to choose courses separately or to become a Shaw Academy lifetime member (which I have done). If you have thought at some point that you would like to add something to your field of skills go and check them out!