Samorost 3

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken up any computer/mobile games but now I found one which caught my attention from the first minute. I have no idea how or why did YouTube show me the trailer of this game but since it was so other-worldly it was difficult not to try it out for myself.

The game is called Samorost 3 and it’s available on Android/iOS or Steam. I personally bought it for Android and then used BlueStacks ( to play in on PC. It’s a really good platform for using phone apps in your computer. I’ve used it in case of Audible, BookBeat and many other things. Highly recommend!

Here’s a link to the game page:

And a link to the trailer:


Basically it’s an adventure and puzzle solving game that’s set in an alien world (many different world’s to be exact) and you’re playing as a space gnome using a magic flute to “talk” to different things. I know that it sounds pretty weird (and honestly it feels like the game has been developed by someone constantly on LSD or something similar) but the artwork, sounds, music and the way it’s all put together is just superb! For several times I paused in the game and just took time to notice all the secret small details that this game offers and believe me, there are many of those! This game definitely isn’t easy, in case of some puzzles it took me dozens of times to solve them, even when using hints (which are actually just puzzles themselves) and occasionally it can be even a bit frustrating but it just somehow all adds to the experience!

If you feel like trying something different and you want to train your mind in a fun way then it’s definitely something worthwhile to try out! It immerses you into it and you feel like You yourself are on that alien planet…

All the best!


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