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I’m so grateful for this experience!

Yesterday we were watching all the videos that we’ve made on our trip so far (you can find them on my YouTube channel) and although we appreciate every day on our journey through SE Asia that really made me thinking how great it is to have such an amazing experience :)! We have still roughly 2 months to go but we have already had so many great memories, magic moments, new things that we’ve learned, new people that we’ve met and so much more! Although technology wise we have come very far from the old ages where most of the people didn’t travel beyond the borders of their home county throughout their whole lifetime it’s still a very different experience to look up some place online or go and see it with your own eyes. It really gives you a new sense of perspective of how big the world actually is and how much is there to see. I hope that everyone has a chance in their lifetimes to go and explore this magnificent planet we’re living on (and maybe even beyond πŸ™‚ ). In the end we only have one life and as I’ve said before these special memories, experiences and magic moments are the ones that count! I wish you all great adventures and thank you for being with me through our trip in this beautiful part of the world!




So how is Thailand? Volume 2

Here’s the second volume of our ideas and thoughts about Thailand:

  • Thai people love to smile πŸ™‚
  • When you are driving a scooter and NOT zig-zaging between the cars in a traffic jam or behind a traffic light you will be looked at weirdly. It’s totally normal to go through even the narrowest places between carsΒ  πŸ™‚
  • During the day all the garbage will be left at the roadside in big bags and every night garbage trucks (where people are sitting on the roof sometimes) will pick them up. There are quite few trash bins around (except in tourist areas)
  • It’s totally normal to drive in the back of an opened pick-up truck. I counted 16 people today, a record so far πŸ™‚
  • Most of the cars have really tinted windows (even the windshield) so you really can’t see into them. I don’t know is it because of the sun and the temperatures or is there some other reason behind it…
  • You can get a decent and very tasty lunch/dinner for 50-60 baht (1,3-1,55€) in a lot of places. And water is mostly free.
  • Beer costs about the same as back home (about 50 baht bigger can or a bottle) and it’s pretty good. Only thing is although there are several brands to choose from they taste rather the same
  • There are natural coconut, banana etc. trees growing everywhere in here
  • Fuel prices are considerably cheaper compared to Estonia. 91 (that is used in case of scooters) costs about 27 baht (0,7€) per litre.
  • Thailand is (understandably considering the weather around here) very tourism oriented. There are hundreds of massage salons, guesthouses, hotels, tour offices and other similar facilities everywhere!
  • As the weather, water is also warm all year round. No need to be afraid to get the chills
  • Thai people hold family very dear. Very often you can see the whole family sitting around in a circle having a meal, laughing and talking to each other. I would say we have a lot to learn from them in that sense πŸ™‚
  • After the sun sets hundreds of small lizards come out, find the nearest light source and start to catch mosquitoes and other small bugs. They’re really cute πŸ™‚
  • Soy milk based drinks are extremely tasty here. You can find a lot of different flavors to try
  • A small bag of buckwheat around here costs 18€!
  • Thailand is blessed with one of the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen πŸ™‚


To be continued… πŸ™‚


Choices and changes in life


I would say that we are just the collection of choices that we’ve made. And most choices bring some kind of change into our lives. I know it sounds very philosophical but I just wanted to write a small post about this topic since there are a lot of changes going on in my life at the moment.

Firstly I just quit my job where I had been for the past 7,5 years of my life which is at least for me a long time. A very interesting, happy, educational, challenging time filled of great memories and it’s quite weird not going back there. I will write more about this in a separate post.

Secondly something very different is going to be the next half a year of my life since I have never been abroad for so long. I’m extremely positive about it (especially since today morning we had 5 degrees Celsius, rain and a horrible wind) but it’s still a small leap into the unknown.

Thirdly a few weeks ago I sold my car which I had owned for roughly 6,5 years. I know that a car is just a car. A method of transport for getting from point A to point B. But through these years there were a huge number of memories associated with that car. Selling it of course doesn’t take them away but still, yet again quite a change in my daily life.

Since we are going away for so long time we will leave our cat with my mother. Although I believe that most of the cat owners agree that their small furry friend can be the cutest thing in the world at one moment and seconds later a total bastard (sorry πŸ™‚ ) who for no reason just pushes something off the table or decides that 4 AM in the morning is a good time to start running around and making funny noises. Nevertheless, I will miss him, luckily he will have a good home meanwhile :).

I could go on but actually the idea behind all this is that we need changes in our lives. As human beings we need to move forwards, we are not meant to be standing still. And sometimes moving forwards needs some bigger decisions.

I wish you all great choices in your lives and remember there are no wrong ones. Either you win or you learn. As said in the beginning – each choice and experience makes us who we are.