A must visit place in Jakarta – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Yesterday we visited the whole of Indonesia. Well, almost. In the eastern part of Jakarta there’s a place called Mini Indonesia and it’s one of the things you definitely should visit while in Jakarta. Basically it’s a combination of exhibitions, regional pavilions from all over the country, numerous parks, museums, different activity centers and much more. This place is huge and you could literally spend days there. Be warned that although the park itself is opened until 10 PM a lot of museums and pavilions will close at 4-5 PM. We spent about 6-7 hours there and during this time we managed to visit maybe only less then half of the places and walk around in about 3/4 of the area.


Entrance fee to the park is 15000 ringgit per person and most of the places are free to visit although for some museums and activity centers (like waterpark, skyworld, theatres and so on) there are separate admittance fees. All in all it’s still inexpensive compared to the value and sheer number of different things to see that you’ll get in return. Although in some areas you can clearly understand that the park has seen better days there’s probably no better place to get an overview of different cultures that form this huge country called Indonesia. Add to that all the museums and activities and you will easily have an enjoyable time there. In case you’ll get hungry or thirsty there are countless places to refresh yourself so no worries about that.

I made several video clips of this place so soon you’ll be able to get a glimpse of it through the lens of my GoPro also :).

I briefly already wrote about this in the previous post but honestly – if you’d like to know how it feels to be famous, come to Jakarta! Hundreds and hundreds of people during our time in here have said hello to us with a big smile on their faces. Quite often they are seconded with “Hi mister”/”Hi miss” or “Hi sir”. By the way most of the time they don’t get it quite right and address Anna as mister or vice versa but all in all it’s not important :). For countless times we’ve been asked if a photo or even a selfie could be taken with us and most of the time we’ve said yes – only at the end of the day we’ve politely declined since although it’s great that people are so friendly it’s also quite tiring :). And dozens and dozens of times we’ve been asked where we’re from. Once again, all this is being done in an extremely friendly way but just be advised that this can happen to you here in Jakarta :)!

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