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Our total SE Asia trip budget + Narita video

So how much did it cost for us to travel through SE Asia for 5 months? Here’s an overview of different expenses from equipment to air tickets, all for 2 people.

  • Equipment (backpacks, travel guides, shoes, phone etc) – most of the things in this category are not necessary or can already be found at home but we spent in total 521€ 
  • Visas, passports and travel insurance (Visas were needed for Thailand and Indonesia) – in total 670€
  • Plane tickets (We had all in all 13 flights, thanks to a great contact we managed to get all tickets for extremely reasonable prices!) – 1727€
  • Vaccinations – 147€
  • Accommodation – 2356€
  • Groceries, transport, eating out, entrance fees, shopping and other everyday expenses – 3729€

Everything summed up it comes to 9150€! And about 1830€ per month or 915€ per person per month. Which is actually really reasonable and you could definitely skip some costs if you leave out the equipment part and use less flights. In addition you can also save on everyday costs and still live quite nicely!

Of course you can also spend 2x or even 10x or 100x as much, it’s totally up to you but the fact is that living in SE Asia is relatively inexpensive compared to many parts of the world.

If to leave out Singapore and Japan the cost of living is very roughly the same everywhere in the places we visited. If you like I have a more specific Excel file on our budget that I’m more than happy to share!

I recommend this kind of trip to everyone who has the opportunity! There’s a huge world waiting to be discovered and in order to see some things you just have to spend a little more time in any location. Savor the moments, embrace the journey and just enjoy!

Tomorrow I’ll review briefly the places we stayed during our trip. Here’s the video of Narita to finish this post! Wish you all the best!

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”

From 15° to -5° + Our Bali budget/what to do and see

We’re now back home in Estonia. We were welcomed by a beautiful winter wonderland but it definitely takes some time to get used to totally different temperatures. Luckily in here Spring is also peeking behind the corner and the sunshine is already really warming :).

Our flight back home went well and big thanks to Finnair who for some reason gave us seats with bigger legroom :)!

During this week I’ll write posts about our total travel budget, reviews of different accommodations we stayed and much more! Stay tuned!

But now to Bali. Here is our budget based on 45 days. As usual it’s daily averages for 2 people.

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things)  in Bali these were actually our biggest expenses since quite often we cooked home and bought different fruits in huge quantities (plus also other sweet snacks 🙂) – 137.000 rupiah.
  • Transport (in case of Bali it contains mostly scooter rental and gas + trips to/from airport. In total our scooter rent was 1.3 million rupiah and for gas I paid 530.000 rupiah. Our total mileage was about 2500km) – 43.600 rupiah
  • Eating out. (mostly local food mixed with pizzas and other similar) – 115.000 rupiah
  • Entrance fees (various temples, beaches, tourist attractions) – 15.800 rupiah
  • Shopping. (This time we bought a lot of souvenirs 🙂 but they are really inexpensive!)  – 37.800 rupiah 
  • Other (mobile internet, gym access, massage, scooter tickets, additional accommodations) – 56.900 rupiah

In total we spent 1100€ + accommodations costs 495€.

What to see (in no particular order):

  • Uluwatu temple
  • Tanah Lot temple
  • Melasti beach
  • Suluban Uluwatu beach
  • Gunung Payung beach
  • Nusa Dua area
  • Tegenungan waterfall
  • Ubud
  • Tegallalang rice terrace
  • Tukad Cepung waterfall
  • Amed region
  • Mountain roads at northern side of Bali
  • Mount Batur and Lake Batur
  • Air Panas Banjar hot springs
  • Pura Batu Kursi temple and hills
  • Pemuteran snorkeling
  • Menjangan island

All the best!


Our Jakarta budget + what to do and see

Our stay in Jakarta was really home-orientated. Since we had such a nice accommodation we spent quite significant time in our little place midst the craziness of the city. Nevertheless there’s quite much to do and see in Jakarta plus you just can’t miss all the smiles and kindness of the people living there :). As always cost are daily averages for 2 people.

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things)  in Jakarta it was mainly breakfast and quite many snacks 🙂 – 90.000 rupiah.
  • Transport (in case of Jakarta it contains only Uber fees since we didn’t use any other method of transport, except walking of course 🙂 )  – 60.000 rupiah
  • Eating out. (We ate lunch and dinner usually somewhere out. If to be honest it was about 50/50 between local and so to say western food in Jakarta) – 135.000 rupiah
  • Entrance fees (Mini Indonesia, Ancol Dreamland and Waterbom water park ) – 42.000 rupiah
  • Shopping. (We decided to buy souvenirs from Bali and we had no need for other things at the time)  – 0 rupiah 🙂
  • Other (mobile internet) – 25.000 rupiah. The cheapest data prepaid card I could find was 300.00 rupiah. And be warned that when arriving in our terminal I could find only one place that sold prepaid data cards and they only took cash. Usually there are loads of this kind of vendors in the airport.

Our accommodation was 4,27 mln rupiah so in total we spent 4,27+4,23 = 8,5 mln rupiah (about ~520 EUR) during our 11 days stay. Of course you can actually get through with considerably less in Jakarta but it’s mostly all up to what kind of accommodation you want :).

What to do and see (in no particular order)

  • Ancol dreamland – a theme park with a huge variety of different activities, parks, places to eat and even it’s own shopping mall. It also had a small beach area for swimming
  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – a huge village with numerous activities, temples from all over Indonesia, different museums for all tastes and much more! This is a must visit and it will take you a full day!
  • The National monument and Merdeka square
  • Waterbom Jakarta or any of the other water parks in town. But do your research before since many of the parks are not in good condition
  • Flea market Jalan Surabaya – you can find a huge number of different antiques and souvenirs there. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything it’s really interesting to see, almost like a museum of it’s own!
  • Kota Tua area – it’s the old town area of Jakarta with many beautiful buildings and architecture from Dutch colonial era
  • The contrast of the city – doesn’t matter where you go in Jakarta you will see beautiful buildings right next to slums built under the bridges and highways. It’s quite a sight
  • People – as I’ve already expressed several times people in Jakarta are just so friendly and nice and it’s impossible to go for a walk without a smile on your face :)!

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore budget + what to do

Kuala Lumpur

Once again – as usual all the costs are averages for 2 people per day. KL was naturally not so inexpensive as Langkawi but nevertheless a very affordable place to visit or live.

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things). I’d say that at least half of the times we cooked something on our own since we had a big kitchen to use. There are numerous grocery stores at KL but we mostly visited Giant due to good choice of items and great prices – 33,4 ringgit
  • Transport (in case of KL it contains only Uber for some rides in the city + transport from and to the airport)  – 14,8 ringgit
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast). As an average a meal costs about 10-12 ringgit but be on a lookout for great lunch offers from numerous food trucks for only about 5-6 ringgit – 27,5 ringgit. 
  • Entrance fees (KL Bird park, cinema, National museum etc.) – 15,3 ringgit. By far the most expensive was Bird park but it was also worth it
  • Shopping (different souvenirs) – 14,91 ringgit
  • Other (mobile internet, cash withdrawal fees, washing clothes, and other similar) – 0 ringgit :). Washing clothes was free and we already had enough internet and cash

Our accommodation was 1638 ringgit totaling our expenses at 3120 ringgit (about 647€) during our 13 day stay.

Our recommendations about what to do and see in KL in no particular order:

  • KL Forest Eco Park and Canopy walk
  • Visiting the numerous beautiful shopping malls of KL. You don’t have to buy anything.. but you could 🙂
  • Petronas Twin towers and KLCC park
  • Central Market and Chinatown
  • Merdeka square
  • KL Botanical and Orchid gardens
  • The Police museum
  • The National Museum of Malaysia
  • Batu caves
  • Heli lounge
  • KL Bird park


Singapore is in a class of it’s own related to living costs and it also shows out from our expenses. Nevertheless you can still enjoy this magnificent city with reasonable budget

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things). Since we didn’t cook ourselves the expenses in this area were not big – 3,9 S$
  • Transport (in case of Singapore it contains Uber and bike rental fee)  – 12,8 S$
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast). You can get a meal for 5S$ or also 50S$. Up to you 🙂 – 27,3 S$
  • Entrance fees (in our case only National museum ) – 7,5 S$
  • Shopping (different souvenirs) – 3 S$
  • Other (mobile internet) – 8 S$. The cheapest data prepaid card I could find was 32 S$

Our accommodation in Singapore was 150 S$ which means it total we spent 400 S$ (about 250€) during our 3,5 day visit.

Regarding what to do in Singapore read my previous post 🙂

All the best!



Langkawi budget and the second video

Compared to other places we’ve been Langkawi is most likely the least expensive. Especially if you consider very cheap alcohol and gas prices. Nevertheless here are the results of our 17 day stay as usual averaged out per day for 2 people

  • Groceries (different food items and all other similar things) – 25,8 ringgit
  • Transport (in case of Langkawi  it also contains only of scooter rental, gas and Uber to/from airport. We used scooter for most of the time during our stay) – 16,7 ringgit
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast) – 28,8 ringgit. In Langkawi we quite often cooked our own meal at the hostel so if you plan to eat 3 times a day out the cost will definitely be higher
  • Entrance fees (Langkawi Cable Car, cinema and the watch tower at Gunung Raya) – 8,7 baht. Different island hopping tours were available from as low as 35 ringgit per person but this time, after already doing that in Phuket, we skipped it
  • Shopping (different souvenirs) – 2,8 ringgit
  • Other (mobile internet, cash withdrawal fees, washing clothes, and other similar) – 7,9 ringgit

As said before the accommodation in Langkawi was not the cheapest one + since from last year there is also a nationwide tourist tax for everyone 10 ringgit per room per night. Our hostel cost us 1687 ringgit. So in total we spent during 17 days roughly 1632+1687=3319 ringgit (about 682€). The ratio between accommodation and all other expenses was about 50:50 which also reflects not so cheap accommodation costs related to other living expenses.

I hope that you find some value in this and to finish off our adventures on Langkawi here’s the second video of this beautiful island

Our Phuket budget

We stayed at Phuket for 7 awesome weeks. As before I wrote down all our daily expenses to get a better overview ourselves and share it with you. Compared to Chiang Mai for example Phuket is definitely a bit more expensive but the difference isn’t big. It’s still a really affordable place to live. Once again these are our average costs per day for 2 people. Of course there were a lot of days where we didn’t have to pay for any entrance fees for example but to simplify things I averaged everything out. So here goes

  • Groceries (this includes different food items, detergent, shampoo and all other similar things – 205 baht
  • Transport (in case of Phuket it contains only scooter rental, gas and taxis to/from airport) – 200 baht. Our scooter rental for 5 weeks was 4500 baht
  • Eating out (also includes breakfast) – 360 baht
  • Entrance fees (our island hopping trip, massages, saunas and such) – 187 baht. By far the most expensive was our boat trip 1600 baht each. Without it you could save a lot but Phi Phi is still one of the must see places 🙂
  • Shopping (clothes, new backpack, flip-flops and such) – 105 baht
  • Other (mobile internet, cash withdrawal fees, washing clothes, scooter driving fine 🙂 ) – 76 baht

Our accommodation cost in Phuket was 17800 baht. So in total we spent around 57000 baht (about 1485€). In conclusion our monthly cost was slightly under 1200€! And for that kind of money you get a very decent living, scooter for the whole time and everything else you could wish for. Well, of course we got some great prices through our friend (he is more than welcome to help so let me know if you plan to travel there and are in need of a scooter for example). I believe that actually for about a 1000€/month you could do pretty well in Phuket.


Sending sunshine :)!


Bangkok budget + what to definitely do and see

A few days back I wrote about our budget and what to see in Chiang Mai. As promised here’s also a brief overview about Bangkok. First I have to say that if you plan to stay in Chiang Mai, Phuket or other similar areas for a longer time it’s totally ok but for Bangkok 5-6 days is maximum, at least in my opinion. Yes, it’s a huge crazy city with a lot to offer but you get tired of it quite fast. Of course it is totally depending on a person but at least most of the people I’ve met and who have been there are agreeing on this one.

But to the subject. Here are the things we recommend you should see and do in Bangkok:

  • The Golden Mountain – from there you can see a great view over the city and the temple with its green lush hillside is also definitely worth a visit
  • Khaosan road – the main backpackers and tourist street in Bangkok. As written in one of the older posts – go and have a bucket 🙂 + enjoy everything the street has to offer
  • Wat Pho, the reclining Buddha
  • Lumpini park – a beautiful greenness in the middle of surrounding skyscrapers
  • Visit at least one of the skybars to enjoy the view. Yes, the drinks are expensive but to be honest how often do you end up in Bangkok 🙂
  • Chatuchak market – one of the biggest markets in the world. You don’t have to buy anything but the market itself is worth seeing
  • Bangkok National museum – although it’s a bit tired it’s a great place to get an overview of Thai and Buddhism history
  • The Grand Palace – unfortunately it was closed while we visited Bangkok but as I’ve heard and read it’s a must go place

As in case of Chiang Mai all expenses are daily averages for 2 people. We stayed in Bangkok for a period of 6 days.

  • Groceries – 56 baht
  • Transport – 129 baht (mostly we used public transport – MRT and Metro lines + a few times taxis)
  • Eating out – 495 baht (including the 800 baht cocktails in skybar)
  • Entrance fees – 106 baht
  • Shopping – 26 baht
  • Other (Buying a local SIM-card, unlocking the phone) – 136 baht

Our hostel was 4100 baht so in total our living cost for 6 days was 10700 baht (277€). So  in case of our trip our daily costs were roughly the same as in case of Chiang Mai but the latter is definitely a cheaper place to live.


Sending positive vibes from Phuket… 🙂


Chiang Mai budget + what to definitely do and see in this beautiful city


At the time of writing this post we are already at Rawai, Phuket but don’t worry. There will be a lot of posts about this wonderful place since we will be staying here or 5 weeks :).

But I wanted to write about (for everyone who perhaps plans to visit Chiang Mai in near future) what were our everyday costs in Chiang Mai and what you definitely shouldn’t miss (based on our opinion) if you get there! Most if not all of them have already been mentioned in the posts before but here’s a quick summary:

Our recommendations.

  • Visiting at least one of the many elephant sanctuaries near the city, If you don’t have time for anything else at least do this.
  • Grand Canyon water park – you will have fun there :)!
  • Doi Suthep temple and Doi Pui viewpoint
  • The zoo
  • Huay Kaew waterfall
  • Saturday and Sunday night markets
  • Beautiful temples in the old city and around
  • Definitely go and have a massage. They are very affordable and just really really good!
  • Nong Buak park and feeding the fishes

Of course there are many other things to do but these are the ones we did ourselves and can highly recommend!

Now, the budget. As said in some posts back we are keeping a track of our everyday expenses in order to get a better overview ourselves and also share it with you. Of course there are many ways to travel. Basically you could live with 300€ per month in Thailand and if you want also with 30,000€. It’s all up to you. Either way, here’s the overview of how much money we invested in our memories in Chiang Mai :). All the expenses are for 2 people and daily average. Naturally we didn’t visit a museum every day but in order to get a better overview I have divided everything to the 14 days we spent there.

  • Groceries (everything bought from 7/11 and other similar stores – food, drink, shampoo etc.) – daily average 128 baht
  • Transport (buses, tuk-tuks, songthaews, taxis etc.) – daily average 109 baht (as said before we like to walk quite a lot, so consider a bit higher costs in this area if you plan to use motorized transport more often; you can also get a scooter for 150-200 THB per day)
  • Eating out (including lunches, dinners, different snacks etc. ; breakfast was included in our Hostel price) – daily average 278 baht
  • Entrance fees (museums, temples, water park etc.) – daily average 316 baht (this number is rather high because of the Elephant Family Care visit fee)
  • Shopping (clothes, accessories etc.) – daily average 36 baht (this is a slippery slope, if you plan to shop then there will be at least one zero behind this number 🙂 )
  • Other (massages, cash withdrawal fees etc.) – 105 baht (If you take cash out of the ATM there’s a 220 baht fee + some percentage that your local bank will happily take away)

Our accommodation for the 2 week period was 7000 baht. So all in all our living cost for 2 weeks in Chiang Mai was about 20,000 baht (517€) and roughly we spent whenever we wanted to spend :). Of course Chiang Mai is one the cheapest places to live in Thailand but for such amount of money you can definitely do very well for 2 people :).

I hope you find this post useful and I will also do the same for Bangkok, Phuket and other places we’ll stay.

All the best!