Better than Yesterday Youtube channel

YouTube is full of great material. Well, to be honest not only great material but still, there are numerous channels that share really useful information about basically every topic imaginable.

One of these channels I would like to suggest is called “Better Than Yesterday” . I don’t know who exactly is behind it but they are definitely doing a great job!

Most of the videos are not longer than 10-15 minutes and revolve around one specific topic, skill or exercise. They are backed up by simple but really practical artwork which in my opinion emphasizes the core points of the videos very well.

Obviously there are dozens of similar sites but for me personally the material that they produce “speaks” to me in many different ways. It’s not too simple nor too complicated. In total they have about 50M views so it’s not only me 🙂

So if you’re interested in learning about topics like motivation, productivity, goals, habits, sleep quality, focus or you just want to rediscover the old truths it’s definitely worth to have a look.

Link below directs you to the YouTube page. Go and check it out!

All the Best!



  1. Please don’t promote this YouTube channel. ‘Better Than Yesterday’ have reproduced my copyright images without permission or payment and used them in 55 of their videos. They have, this week, been reported to YouTube for this serious copyright infringement. YouTube are investigating the channel. The reason you don’t know who is behind the channel is, most likely, because they know they are acting illegally.


    1. I hope you settle this issue with him. His channel ‘Better Than Yesterday’ is one of the best channels on Youtube. I know it’s his fault but I hope you can settle down this issue with him constructively.


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