Balance is everything

I believe that in every part of your life there should be a balance. For example it’s great to communicate with people, spend time with others but you must find time for yourself also. You should do some exercise, keep your body moving but not to an extent that already in your forties you’d feel an aching back and knees. Occasionally it’s totally fine to spend on yourself and buy something that you really want but you mustn’t forget your long-term plan. There are times when it’s great and even necessary to take a time out, relax, clear your head and just enjoy the moment while it’s also good to have periods when you’re giving all you have, focusing, thriving towards a goal. And so on and so on…

So currently in my life there’s a bigger change going on. For the last half a year my life tempo has been really relaxed and I’ve given a refreshing break and a new start to my mind and my body. Just a few days ago I took up a new challenge workwise doing something that really hasn’t been done before. At least here in Estonia. It will be tough but interesting and fun times ahead so I’m really eager to get going :)!

Always keep in mind to have this balance in your life. Being off-balance might not show in the beginning but after some time you’ll probably start noticing some effects that it has on your life – not only in that specific area but generally. Everything is connected and before we can direct our energy outside, we must manage our inner self 🙂


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