A long journey and first impressions of Bangkok

First of all be warned that this post will have quite a lot of pictures in it :). So be patient scrolling through them :).

After about 20 hours of travelling time we reached Bangkok today. But before I get to that, here are some comments and pictures about our journey.

Since we had quite a lot of time in Helsinki airport before going to our Bangkok flight we went through most of the places and shops Vantaa airport offered. You could sum it up with quite many buzzing people in the middle section of the airport and calm Nordic quietness in the outer parts. And of course really high prices.

But what we liked most was a book changing room, basically a library, which was very cozy and filled with sounds of nature.

Secondly there was an interesting separate room filled with sleeping pods which this time we didn’t use but I think it would be quite an interesting experience ๐Ÿ™‚


Our flight was delayed but luckily only by 20 minutes. Getting on board was quite tricky since a huge number of people wanted to go also :). Based on last years Bangkok is still the most visited city in the world.


Our plane was actually relatively comfortable and it looked brand new. Seats could be lowered by quite much and on-board infotainment system was spot on! But still, 8465km and 9 hours and 30 minutes can be quite exhausting ๐Ÿ™‚


But now – Bangkok. Well, for starters although we knew it beforehand it’s still extremely hot and humid in here. Within minutes you are literally soaked no matter what you do. Every once in a while you just have to step into some sort of store or public transport to be cooled down by air conditioning. And everywhere you go you will be greeted with lot’s of different sounds and smells. Some of them good, some not:). And it’s not even worth mentioning of how crazy the traffic is in here. Zebra crossings and traffic lights are more just a recommendation, not law. At first it seems very different to what we’re used to but even with one day you slowly start to blend in with all this craziness.

On our first day we just checked in to our Hostel (after 2 hours of different trains and walking), walked around in the neighborhood for a while and visited Khao San road where we ate dinner and just looked around.


And of course at least in my opinion had one of the best ice creams ever! Coconut ice-cream straight from a coconut ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides that we bought some snacks – crispy silkworms which actually don’t taste very bad ๐Ÿ™‚


Before ending this post here are some last comments

Firstly – there are Buddha statues literally everywhere.


Secondly – I wonder what is the average life expectancy of an electrician in Bangkok. Because all the electric posts looked like this ๐Ÿ™‚


Time to end now :). Thanks for reading and new post about our adventures in Bangkok will follow soon!

Everything’s packed and we’re ready to go!


Tomorrow our journey begins. Everything is set and now we just have to get to the plane. From Tallinn to Helsinki and then Bangkok. Flight will be roughly 10 hours so most likely a lot of movie watching and reading will await us. We are travelling with 2 large backpacks with one smaller one that can be put into the bigger green bag while walking.ย  And we will have a lot of walking ๐Ÿ™‚

Excitement is high and thoughts are already in SE Asia! The next post will be from Bangkok. I will give you first impressions as soon as possible:)!

AirConsole – a fun way to spend time with friends


A while ago we were visiting our friends and they proposed we should play AirConsole. I had no idea back then what it was but I’m glad that they introduced us to this game :). Thea idea is very simple – laptop/TV or something similar is the screen and your smartphone is the controller. All you basically need is an internet browser. There’s quite wide selection of different games which acquire teamwork, knowing each other or are just plain fun. Be warned, some of the games can be quite addictive :)! To use it just visitย https://www.airconsole.com/ and press start. You will be prompted with 6 digit code which you can insert to your phone to join the session. For more comfortable usage I would recommend installing an app to your smartphone although you can just use the browser. Different games can be played from 1 up to 8 people. The only minus is that in free version a lot of choices are limited and you will get commercials in between. In order to avoid it one of the players (not all, only one) will have to purchase the Hero version which is 3 dollars a month + there are free trials. In that way all the other players in the session will also get a commercial free experience. Go and try for yourself :)!

Why an E-book reader can be very useful


Until the end of last year I always read books the old fashioned way and I really liked it. But when we decided about our trip I thought that no way I can carry along a bunch of paperback books. So I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite. At first I planned to use it only while abroad but for testing purposes I downloaded and read one book. And actually it was extremely comfortable and I got used to it very quickly. Even if you read it daily battery lasts for about a month and you can download up to roughly 1000 books to the device itself and you have virtually unlimited storage in Amazon cloud (at least in case of Kindle, there are also a lot of other e-book readers available). You can purchase new books with one click and there are a lot of free books available. If you have a WiFi connection all the books you’ve purchased (no matter if you’re using a computer, phone or something similar) will be downloaded automatically to your device and it also has a built-in web browser. One big difference compared to std tablet is that the screen is not harmful to the eyes. It’s basically the same as reading a traditional book.

But enough praising :). The point is that it’s actually a very useful device, especially if you are going on a trip or if you like to read several books simultaneously. It’s not very expensive in long-term so if you enjoy reading books and would like to try something new definitely go and check it out!

Here’s one overview of different e-readers but as usual internet is full of information. With some research everyone can find their best match :).


Virtual reality and my visit to Baasjaam VR center

Man in virtual helmet . Mixed media

Yesterday I visited a place called Baasjaam (www.baasjaam.ee) which is a virtual reality center opened roughly half a year ago in Tallinn. Throughout the last years when VR has grown more and more popular I’ve had my change to try out some VR games at different events. For some reason I’ve always been drawn to this kind of technology, probably just because what this can offer to us. It’s just not about the games but the usage is much more wider. For example this technology has reached healthcare, education, space exploration, crime investigation and so much more. I personally are very anxious to see what happens in the next 10 years but yet again I hope that we manage to implement this in our lives with a sense of reason and the real human contact wont disappear. Slippery slope… I know.

But at Baasjaam you can use the VR set for half on hour or an hour for a reasonable price and try out quite a big number of different games and experiences. The staff is very friendly and they have VR stations both for sitting and standing up. In addition they have a special party room where you can hold your birthday or company party for example.

One thing that they sadly don’t have is a full VR harness. I managed to try it once at Escape Room, Lootsi 8 in Tallinn and it gives in some way a more authentic experience because all of your senses are “deceived”.


If you don’t have any contact with this at all then I would recommend to go and just try it out for once. It’s not for everyone and the quality is currently not as good as it can be but it’s still an experience.

Leave your comments below about what you think of this VR revolution that’s slowly starting to effect our everyday lives.

Choices and changes in life


I would say that we are just the collection of choices that we’ve made. And most choices bring some kind of change into our lives. I know it sounds very philosophical but I just wanted to write a small post about this topic since there are a lot of changes going on in my life at the moment.

Firstly I just quit my job where I had been for the past 7,5 years of my life which is at least for me a long time. A very interesting, happy, educational, challenging time filled of great memories and it’s quite weird not going back there. I will write more about this in a separate post.

Secondly something very different is going to be the next half a year of my life since I have never been abroad for so long. I’m extremely positive about it (especially since today morning we had 5 degrees Celsius, rain and a horrible wind) but it’s still a small leap into the unknown.

Thirdly a few weeks ago I sold my car which I had owned for roughly 6,5 years. I know that a car is just a car. A method of transport for getting from point A to point B. But through these years there were a huge number of memories associated with that car. Selling it of course doesn’t take them away but still, yet again quite a change in my daily life.

Since we are going away for so long time we will leave our cat with my mother. Although I believe that most of the cat owners agree that their small furry friend can be the cutest thing in the world at one moment and seconds later a total bastard (sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ ) who for no reason just pushes something off the table or decides that 4 AM in the morning is a good time to start running around and making funny noises. Nevertheless, I will miss him, luckily he will have a good home meanwhile :).

I could go on but actually the idea behind all this is that we need changes in our lives. As human beings we need to move forwards, we are not meant to be standing still. And sometimes moving forwards needs some bigger decisions.

I wish you all great choices in your lives and remember there are no wrong ones. Either you win or you learn. As said in the beginning – each choice and experience makes us who we are.

What to bring along if you’re going to SE Asia for half a year


From one side there are quite many things you have to bring along if you’re going so far away for such a long time. From the other side if you’re not going in the middle of nowhere then you can still get a lot if not most of the things locally. We will be travelling with our backpacks and it’s just not possible to pack half an apartment along. So if maybe someone is also planning to go travelling soon here’s my checklist of what (at least at the moment) seems to be reasonable to pack before heading out. Feel free to comment if you think that I’ve missed something :).


Passport, ID-card, Driving license, Several copies of passport, airline bookings, insurance papers, Visa documents, accommodation papers

Means of paying for expenses

Bank card, local cash

Technical equipment

Laptop + mouse, E-book reader, Wacom pad for drawing, GoPro + accessories, small Bluetooth speaker, DSLR camera + accessories, ID-card reader, extra cell-phone for local internet usage, external storage devices for photos and videos, headphones, travel adapters

Clothes etc

Comfortable sneakers, flip-flops, swimming gear, shirts; socks etc, jeans, lightweight towel. Most of the clothes in this case we will get locally :).

Other equipment

Big packback, small backpack, hygene+shaving products, sunglasses, Lonely Planet guides (nowadays there’s a huge amount of info online but it’s still to have a few good “real” books), playing cards, sunscreen, lots of sunscreen, resistance band for home workout, different medicaments

Of course the truth will be prevailed when we’re actually there. Then we can see what we forgot and what we dragged along with no reason.

SE Asia awaits!

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