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Waiting for a great adventure


When I was in university and lot of my classmates went to study and live abroad for half a year or even longer I thought that it sounds great and at some point I’d like to do something like that also. As you know time has sometimes a tendency to past very quickly and now roughly 6-7 years later this idea finally actualizes. I wouldn’t say that I was obsessed with this idea through these years but it was always in the back of my mind. This time I won’t go to study but mainly just to travel, see the world and gather experiences. And what’s the best about all this is that I’m going with my lovely girlfriend Anna – honestly can’t wait already:)! While I’m writing this post we have a bit less then one week to our flight to Bangkok.

Currently our plan is to visit 4 countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. But we will keep everything very open and who knows what interesting places we will visit besides the ones mentioned above. Approximate travel time is about 5-6 months but once again we’ll see how it goes.

Throughout this time we plan to add different posts about life in those countries, places we are visiting, people who we will meet and so much more. Of course there will be photos and videos also since I will bring my camera and GoPro along.

I hope you are as excited as we are:)!

First tests with GoPro


In Spring this year I bought myself a GoPro Hero 5 adventure camera. There was 2 reasons for this. First of all since very soon we are going to travel through SE Asia I wanted to capture as much of the trip with camera also and share it with other people. The second reason is related to my interest with photography and naturally video making and editing is not very far from it.

During the summer I made 3 short videos, first one just for testing and just for fun. Second video was to give an overview of beautiful Taevaskoja-Kiidjärve hiking trail in Southern Estonia and the 3rd to promote different sporting activities for which I also rent equipment for. Feel free to go and have a look :)!

Matthew Santoro


Youtube is full of users and channels who share interesting content on daily basis. Although there are several people I follow regarding self-improvement, training, technology, music, cars etc. there is one who’s videos are just very simple, fun and also educating to watch if you want to spend some relaxation time in Youtube not just wasting it but learning something interesting in the process. He regularly posts videos about different facts, top 10’s, fun and scary topics and much more. Go and check it out but be warned, his videos can be quite addictive :)!

Edible water bottles and GravityLight

If some new technologies can bring as much bad as good here are 2 that will definitely find a place in our world. The biggest problem with these kind of new things is the cost and therefore availability for bigger audience. If that issue can be solved then there could a lot of good things coming. I especially like the idea of Gravitylight. It might not mean much to people living in the modern world but there are millions of people for who this can literally be a lifesaver.

Some of the best collections for photos without Photoshop


I love taking photos and I also love Photoshop. And I like lot of photographs that have been edited in Photoshop but there still nothing comparable with a photo that has this wow effect and you’re never going to believe that moment actually existed in real life. Here are a few links to some of the best collections in my opinion:

The future is not far away

I’ve always been fascinated about the new technologies that are slowly or in some cases rather quickly being integrated into our lives. I believe that there are always 2 sides to each story. From one side it’s great that there are a lot of new technologies that help us every day and offer us experiences that we couldn’t even dream about 10 years ago. But from other perspective it’s quite terrifying to think about what will happen with that true real human experience and human connection in the midst of this technology age. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. I really hope that we manage to combine the best parts from both of the worlds.

Here’s one example of technology that you can already buy. And actually these kind of things don’t even have to be outside of your body anymore…