Usain Bolt – Faster Than Lightning


Motivation is an interesting thing and definitely a huge subject on it’s own. I’ve always been fascinated about how for example 100m sprinters find their motivation for the next big event like Olympics. For instance, if you’re playing basketball you have 40 minutes each game (or 30+ minutes if you’re a good level player) and at least 3-4 games in the first round to prove your worth and make some corrections if needed. But in case of 100m you have 10 seconds and that’s it! One minor false move and you’re out! Of course there are also several rounds but the point remains the same. I can’t imagine how much pressure it puts on an athlete.

So I recently came across Usain Bolt’s autobiography and decided to read it. I have never been a fan of him but I’ve always had a high respect of what he has accomplished and given to the sport. And reading that book gave a much better view of what was going on in his mind and also the minds of other world class sprinters (he described various other athletes and their thinking in the book also). As a person I really didn’t relate to him but he had his own ways how to stay at the top of the game. Like in any professional sports or in a matter of fact every area of life, the winning combination is always some born talent and extremely hard work, latter of which definitely matters the most.

I think that once in a while its good to read an autobiography or biography of some professional sports character because there’s always much to learn from these stories and mindset that’s needed to accomplish high level success. There’s a lot of parallels you can draw  from sports with everyday life. Its not a very long book so I’d recommend it to anyone who has some interest in sports and wants to know what’s going on in the mind of one of the best athletes the world has ever seen.

Go Hard or Go Home!


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