Jack Canfield – The Success Principles


I like to read. And most of the times when I’m glued to my e-book reader I’m reading some kind of self-improvement book. I know that there are literally thousands of these kind of great books around there but I strongly believe that each one holds at least one or more good ideas, processes, guideances, thoughts that “click” to you. You don’t have to follow exactly what someone else does or writes but in my opinion it’s like putting together your own puzzle. You take one piece from here, another one from there and so you’re building the picture that suites YOU. And I like that process :). I also believe in constant learning and improvement – if you’re staying still then you’re actually moving backwards. Success and that happy satisfactory feeling in our lives is quite much defined with forward movement :).

I’m currently reading and soon finishing one quite thorough book on this topic called The Success Principles. I admit that I’ve been reading this quite a while since for starters it’s quite lengthy (nearly 600 pages) and secondly I’m often reading several books simultaneously. But if you find yourself with a bit of free time and the feeling to educate and improve yourself then I strongly recommend you to grab a copy! If you want to get better in touch with the content there are several summaries available online. Here’s a link to one of them.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

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