Doi Suthep – beautiful temples, magical views and picturesque nature


Chiang Mai area really has a beautiful nature. Just outside the city Doi Suthep mountain, temple and natural park are waiting to be visited. Today we spent most of the day there. Straight in the morning we hired a songthaew (local red coloured pick-up truck where there are 2 benches in the back, used for everyday transport) which took us up the hill to the temple. The temple itself was also gorgeous but the main attraction is still the view to the city and neighbouring mountains and villages. After looking around for a while we went for a little hike to the main viewpoint, the nearby village and the waterfall. It seemed that everyone else was either riding a scooter, driving a car or sitting in the back of a songthaew. But as said before we like walking. It has had quite an effect, during the 10 days in Thailand I have already lost 5kg’s and I definitely have stronger leg muscles :). But the views from the mountainside were something special (there will be a lot of pictures coming to my Instagram/FB + also a video). And so was the nature, we had never been in such a jungle before. Greenery, bamboos, beautiful flowers and trees everywhere. And some sort of funny insects (we presume cicadas) who live in the treetops and make really really strong electric alien voices. You just have to hear it to understand! We also passed by Hmong village where you should supposedly see how the local culture of the tribes living in those mountains look likes. But it still was greatly a touristy place. Nevertheless the village was interesting to see and a short walk from the village a picturesque Doi Suthep waterfall and flower garden was located. Once again would definitely recommend a visit!


On the way back from the mountain our driver stopped at a small temple middle way down to the mountain. Right next to temple was this beautiful waterfall and all in all this was one of the most beautiful temples and locations we have been so far. It seemed that the reason why we stopped was that one monk (who was also in our songthaew) wanted to go there for a moment. And how could you say no to that. Either way we were very happy that we had an opportunity to see this place :).

Besides these adventures we went to the cinema and one of the biggest shopping malls in the city yesterday. We took a long walk through the city to catch a glimpse of how the locals are living. So on the way we saw for example a woman walking her goat with a nice pink collar near downtown Chiang Mai. Why not! 🙂


The movie which went to see was Blade Runner 2049. It was pretty good although rather dark. But the ticket was 100 baht each (about 2,55€) and the cinema was really fancy. More like being in a theatre, not watching a movie. And who doesn’t know yet – before every movie in Thailand anthem is played and you have to stand up to show respect.

Shopping mall was huge. Really can’t compare shopping malls in Estonia to the ones in here. Every one of them has at least 5-6 floors and numerous shops and dining areas. After the movies we went for the first non-local food so to say and had a pizza. It was good but compared to local dishes very expensive.

I can say already that if you plan to visit Thailand, definitely come and see Chiang Mai :).

Once again sending sunshine back home!

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  1. A CM local here. After reading your posts I’m glad to know that overall you seems to enjoy your time in CM. Anyway sorry for some inconveniences you might encountered while you were here.

    Wat U-mong is where I ordained my monk hood years ago. At that time it’s more serene than nowaday, still it worth visiting.

    A little info very few outside TH know. There is a yearly tradition for Chiang Mai University students esp. freshmen which was practiced since it was established in 1964. On any specific day, students will walk 14 kms (including the path in the campus) up the road to Doi Suthep to pay respect for the temple up there. There’s only one rule: leave no man behind. If you friend is tired, you have to help. If your friend is disabled person, you have to push his/her wheel chair. If you friend cannot walk, you have to carry him/her.

    The ceremony gainS more and more attention countywide each year. Below are some clips/news from the past 2 years trekking. Also a blog by a tourist. (For this vid you can hit Cc for subtitle)

    If you intrested you can joy the ceremony as an onlooker. Many Thai do. Problem is that they ususally announce it just a month before it starts, normally on the second week of September. If you’re free on that time, please take this comment as an invitation.

    TH (and also CM) is not different from every places. We are just a small country which have good and bad things, also good and bad people. Hope you see the first ones wherever you go.

    Sorry for any typos. I always do them. Be our guest again any time. You are always welcome.

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