Chiang Mai zoo

Today we went to Chiang Mai zoo which is a bit tired so to say but otherwise a fabolous place to visit! In some places you could see the hands of time working their magic so some of the roads and paths were already devoured by nature. But in a way it was extremely beautiful! It’s like a mixture between concrete and jungle. We especially liked the bird park where you really couldn’t understand that you were in a zoo (except the net holding the birds from getting out). So many beautiful waterfalls, paths through the forest and much more. A truly blissful place! And it was only 2 of us in there, not a person around (probably because it was raining at the time we visited it).

In addition we saw many animals we have never encountered before and one huge plus for this zoo is that the animals are really close to you so if you want you could go and touch everyone (except for lions and other similar creatures of course).  Our favorites were the penguins, hippos, tortoises and giraffes. I think we just stood for 10+ minutes and watched the penguins swimming around 🙂

To get there we used an official city line bus. They started only lately ( I think in 2016) and there are 3 lines currently available. No matter how long the journey, the cost is always 15 baht (0,38€) per person. So it’s really comfortable and cheap way to get around.

But go and have a look for yourself :). Here’s the first video of Chiang Mai

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