Chatuchak market and our final day in Bangkok

It’s quite difficult to describe Chatuchak market. As they say on their web page – if you can dream it then most likely you can buy it from the market. It’s located roughly on a 1km x 0,5km area + numerous shops surrounding it. There’s just stalls after stalls after stalls and in fact based on different data all together 15000-25000 of them (try to imagine 25000 stalls in your head:) ). And in each and every one of them somebody is selling something. It’s sounds like a madhouse and it is but actually I really liked it. No-one was too pushy, they let you look around without a bigger hassle. And the food + all the snacks were also good (like in most places in Bangkok). Somehow we managed to evade the shopping craziness and bought ourselves only new pairs of sunglasses for 39 baht (1€) each since we actually don’t need anything. We will do our Thai shopping before we leave Thailand 🙂

In the evening we went to Khaosan road for the last time, had some food and a bucket. A bucket is a very popular thing over there. Basically for 150 baht (3,8€) you can get a relatively big bucket full of either rum or vodka based cocktail. We had rum with coke and actually it was really good! If you someday find yourself in Khaosan road, definitely have yourself a bucket :)!


We also had a little show while eating. As said in some of the previous posts its rather common to see squirrels, rats and different insects and animals on the streets. Today, when we were eating a delicious Pad Thai with Egg and Shrimp we saw a lonely cockroach having an evening walk on the streets. Then a small mouse appeared behind the lamp post, tried to snatch the small thing and almost succeeded. But only a second later a huge rat jumped out from a hole nearby and in turn, as it seemed, tried to catch the mouse and because of that cockroach got away. At the and at least this time everyone got away with their lives. Just a normal dinner in Bangkok :).

Next post will be already from Chiang Mai. Thank you Bangkok for all the craziness you have to offer :)!

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