Some relaxation time

For the past few days we have taken it slowly and just rested and relaxed. We’ve looked around in our neighborhood, visited some parks in our local area and looked for different interesting places to eat. Below you can see a picture of beautiful Saranrom park which is just a short 7 minute walk from our Hostel.


Besides everything mentioned above we took a trip to National museum of Bangkok today. It’s a really good place to get an overview of Thailand’s history and I would recommend a visit. There is a huge number of things to see although some parts were currently under renovation.

All of Bangkok and most likely all of Thailand are preparing for the King’s funeral which is going to be held at the end of October. A lot of places are closed and renovated or just decorated with black ribbons, pictures and different ornaments.

When we’re currently not outside looking around we are staying in our Hostel room enjoying air conditioning, reading a book, surfing through internet, watching movies, educating ourselves or working with pictures and video in my case. To be honest it still feels like that we are just travelling as normal and in a couple of weeks we’ll be flying back home although we actually came here to live for half a year :). I think it just takes some time to get used to.

We’ll be staying in Bangkok for 2 more days, on Sunday we’ll go to see what Chiang Mai has to offer :). Tomorrow’s plan is to visit one of the biggest markets in the world – Chatuchak market.

Regarding the weather it’s getting more tolerable by the day, especially in mornings and evenings. Luckily we haven’t had any sunburns or other similar issues, our legs just have to get used with all the walking. Of course we would have an option to use more often some sort of transport but actually we enjoy walking and the more exercise the better :)!


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