Why an E-book reader can be very useful


Until the end of last year I always read books the old fashioned way and I really liked it. But when we decided about our trip I thought that no way I can carry along a bunch of paperback books. So I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite. At first I planned to use it only while abroad but for testing purposes I downloaded and read one book. And actually it was extremely comfortable and I got used to it very quickly. Even if you read it daily battery lasts for about a month and you can download up to roughly 1000 books to the device itself and you have virtually unlimited storage in Amazon cloud (at least in case of Kindle, there are also a lot of other e-book readers available). You can purchase new books with one click and there are a lot of free books available. If you have a WiFi connection all the books you’ve purchased (no matter if you’re using a computer, phone or something similar) will be downloaded automatically to your device and it also has a built-in web browser. One big difference compared to std tablet is that the screen is not harmful to the eyes. It’s basically the same as reading a traditional book.

But enough praising :). The point is that it’s actually a very useful device, especially if you are going on a trip or if you like to read several books simultaneously. It’s not very expensive in long-term so if you enjoy reading books and would like to try something new definitely go and check it out!

Here’s one overview of different e-readers but as usual internet is full of information. With some research everyone can find their best match :).


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