Virtual reality and my visit to Baasjaam VR center

Man in virtual helmet . Mixed media

Yesterday I visited a place called Baasjaam ( which is a virtual reality center opened roughly half a year ago in Tallinn. Throughout the last years when VR has grown more and more popular I’ve had my change to try out some VR games at different events. For some reason I’ve always been drawn to this kind of technology, probably just because what this can offer to us. It’s just not about the games but the usage is much more wider. For example this technology has reached healthcare, education, space exploration, crime investigation and so much more. I personally are very anxious to see what happens in the next 10 years but yet again I hope that we manage to implement this in our lives with a sense of reason and the real human contact wont disappear. Slippery slope… I know.

But at Baasjaam you can use the VR set for half on hour or an hour for a reasonable price and try out quite a big number of different games and experiences. The staff is very friendly and they have VR stations both for sitting and standing up. In addition they have a special party room where you can hold your birthday or company party for example.

One thing that they sadly don’t have is a full VR harness. I managed to try it once at Escape Room, Lootsi 8 in Tallinn and it gives in some way a more authentic experience because all of your senses are “deceived”.


If you don’t have any contact with this at all then I would recommend to go and just try it out for once. It’s not for everyone and the quality is currently not as good as it can be but it’s still an experience.

Leave your comments below about what you think of this VR revolution that’s slowly starting to effect our everyday lives.

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