What to bring along if you’re going to SE Asia for half a year


From one side there are quite many things you have to bring along if you’re going so far away for such a long time. From the other side if you’re not going in the middle of nowhere then you can still get a lot if not most of the things locally. We will be travelling with our backpacks and it’s just not possible to pack half an apartment along. So if maybe someone is also planning to go travelling soon here’s my checklist of what (at least at the moment) seems to be reasonable to pack before heading out. Feel free to comment if you think that I’ve missed something :).


Passport, ID-card, Driving license, Several copies of passport, airline bookings, insurance papers, Visa documents, accommodation papers

Means of paying for expenses

Bank card, local cash

Technical equipment

Laptop + mouse, E-book reader, Wacom pad for drawing, GoPro + accessories, small Bluetooth speaker, DSLR camera + accessories, ID-card reader, extra cell-phone for local internet usage, external storage devices for photos and videos, headphones, travel adapters

Clothes etc

Comfortable sneakers, flip-flops, swimming gear, shirts; socks etc, jeans, lightweight towel. Most of the clothes in this case we will get locally :).

Other equipment

Big packback, small backpack, hygene+shaving products, sunglasses, Lonely Planet guides (nowadays there’s a huge amount of info online but it’s still to have a few good “real” books), playing cards, sunscreen, lots of sunscreen, resistance band for home workout, different medicaments

Of course the truth will be prevailed when we’re actually there. Then we can see what we forgot and what we dragged along with no reason.

SE Asia awaits!

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